• Global Solution

    Whatever the size of your company, MobileXpense has the right solution for your travel and expense management needs. MobileXpense is perfect for any company, from small local businesses to large and complex multinationals with many entities globally. Thanks to our solution, all your entities can use the same end-to-end expense management tool, no matter which location.

    Additionally, using MobileXpense at the group level will allow you to analyse all your travel and expense management data at a global level.

  • Integrated with your partners

    With MobileXpense you get an end-to-end solution for Travel & Expense management. Unlike less flexible applications, at MobileXpense we support integration with all your preferred partners (Travel Management Companies, Online Booking Tools, Credit Cards providers, etc.). We are focused on providing you with a state of the art expense management solution, while working hand-in-hand with your partners and/or best-in-class professionals.

  • Easy to set-up and to operate

    MobileXpense's SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud application is easy to set-up. As a result we can roll-out your MobileXpense solution in weeks, not months.

    Our cloud solution is also easy to operate. With MobileXpense, you get an "all-in" service from hosting to support. You won't have to worry about complex interfaces, we integrate with your ERP and HR system. As a service provider, MobileXpense adapts to you and your ways of working, not the other way around.

  • Compliant with local regulations and your business rules

    At MobileXpense we know the significance of compliance to our customers. We pro-actively manage local legal regulations (VAT, allowances, mileage, currencies and exchange rates) in more than 40 countries with a dedicated team.

    MobileXpense also manages your internal business rules and travel policies to automate and increase compliance. We do this with about 200 off the shelf configurable business rules!

  • Easy to use

    "Innovate to simplify" is one of our core values. In less than 5 clicks you can create and submit your expenses, with MobileXpense's application. We understand that expense management can be an annoying and cumbersome process. This is why our team puts emphasis on simplicity and userfriendliness. We are constantly searching for and finding new ways to make your expense reporting process simple, fast, and effective.

  • A unique process

    MobileXpense is a professional company focussed on travel & expense management. Our core business is to manage in the best possible way your expense reporting process. We support the entire end-to-end process from pre-authorisations (travel, entertainment, etc.), to expense report creation, followed by control and approval. Accounting transactions interface seamlessly to your ERP system and all expense data is available to report and analyse with MobileXpense reporting tools.

      Plan & Authorize


      Control & Approve



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