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Manage all business credit cards online and in real-time

Instantly issue or block business credit cards, manage lost cards, pin codes and more from our online application’s central dashboard. Manage spend and employee cards from one application. And you won't ever have to set foot in a bank.

Automated policy enforcement ensures that expenses are compliant. Combined with a real-time view on expenses, overspending becomes nearly impossible.


These customers use our CO2 emissions tracking tool

Understanding the Dutch Government's CO2 Reporting Requirements

In response to the growing concerns about climate change and the Netherlands' commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, the Dutch government introduced new legislation to monitor and manage the environmental impact of work-related travel. This legislation, known as the "Rapportageverplichting werkgebonden personenmobiliteit (WPM)", mandates organisations with a workforce of 100 or more to provide detailed reports on the CO2 emissions resulting from their employees' business and commuting travels.

Starting from 1 January 2024, if your organisation falls into this category, you'll be required to maintain a record of the CO2 emissions from both business trips and daily commutes of your employees. This data will play a crucial role in the country's efforts to understand and reduce the carbon footprint of work-related travels, which currently account for a significant portion of the total kilometers driven in the Netherlands. The deadline for submitting the required data for the year 2024 is set for 30 June 2025.

This move by the government not only emphasizes the importance of environmental responsibility but also underscores the role employers play in promoting sustainable travel options and practices.

For a comprehensive understanding of these requirements and to ensure your organization remains compliant, the official RVO website offers detailed insights.

Customers using our company cards

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"Mobilexpense is a real game-changer for us."

Our Mobilexpense solution is a real game-changer for us. With the convenience of self-issued credit cards for employees and seamless integration of claims data for administration, we not only save valuable time but also have complete control over our expenses. Efficiency and convenience come together in this super service. For our international projects, we now even give temporary cards to freelancers with a set expiry date. For office workers, a virtual card. Super convenient.


"[We] have reduced the time needed to manage expenses by 50%."

The integration of credit cards with the expense application has reduced the amount of lost receipts, accelerated the expense claims and contributes to a general smoothening of our expense management. It was easily deployed and accepted by the people and has reduced the time needed to manage expenses by 50%.


"It's a win-win for efficiency and trust!"

The new Mobilexpense cards provide complete card management for us at Ovotrack, making it super easy to order and distribute new cards, but also to set limits to transactions or monthly spend, and have real-time insight in all transactions. Our employees value their independence and the ability to manage their spending in real-time using either a plastic or virtual card, directly linked to their mobile app. It's a win-win for efficiency and trust!

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