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Expense automation on another level

Multinational or large organisations will get the most out of our compliant all-in-one employee expense management solution.

Hassle-free expensing

Capturing and declaring expenses on the go is as easy as taking a picture of your receipts with your phone or tablet using our mobile app.

Automated control

SpendController compares the extracted receipt data with the manual entry, flagging discrepancies and automatically validating compliant items.

Open to integrations

We are HR & ERP system agnostic & can integrate with many other partners for travel, cards, etc.

OCR and AI powered mobile app

Let our Mobilexpense MXP app do the work of submitting expenses for you.

  • OCR and AI read your receipts, automatically filling the expense data with date, amount, VAT, merchant and city
  • Manage all your expenses straight from the app including allowances, mileages, etc.

Approving expenses on the go has never been easier: receive notifications to approve your team's expenses in-app, at any time.

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Travel integration

Mobilexpense MXP uniquely and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of travel providers offering you

  • Carefree travel management and
  • Total trip cost reconciliation

Unlike other expense solutions, we allow you to choose the best in class suppliers for your travel management needs.

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Control automation

SpendController is an intuitive, visual tool that automates expense control using OCR. Our automated review process allows for

  • Structured data encoding
  • High-fidelity control
  • Flagging of discrepancies
  • Validation of compliant items

Coupled with sampling, this offloads your Finance teams and allows them to focus on exceptions or high risk, high value expenses.

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Expense insights with analytics

Gain strategic insights by taking a deep dive into spending categories, business units, payment methods or any other vertical with our reporting tools and visual analytics.

  • Detect anomalies & improvement areas
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Review & improve your spend policy

Your data empowers you to ensure your financial wellbeing whilst accounting for the behaviours of your workforce.

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Global & business compliance

Our solution is continually updated by our dedicated Compliance Team with the help of PwC to help mitigate your legal and financial risks in 70+ countries regarding

  • Foreign VAT recovery
  • Mileage allowances
  • Daily allowances
  • Regulatory reporting

Mobilexpense MXP also integrates your business rules to automatically flag or block non-compliant entries, saving you up to 90% on control time.

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They use MXP

All Mobilexpense MXP features

Safe, secure & certified

Mobilexpense MXP is fully certified for ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 Type II and PCI DSS. This ensures that your data is safe with us, no matter what.

GDPR compliant

Our solution is GDPR compliant, and our data centres are located in Europe, further ensuring data security. Data is retained for the appropriate legal period, up to 10 years.

Personalised support

Our customers all benefit from free, personalised support and guidance to ensure the best fit possible.

Mobile & desktop app

Our solutions are available on both mobile and desktop, for iOS and Android.

Global compliance

The solution is continually updated with foreign VAT rates, mileage rates, daily allowances & regulatory reporting requirements for 70+ countries.

Reporting & Analytics

Access our extensive catalogue of reporting tools for deeper insight into your spending and benefit from advanced analytics with dynamic graphs, reports and statistics.

SpendController & intelligent sampling

SpendController and sampling automate expense control based on OCR, human validation, business rules & local regulations, allowing you to inspect only discrepant reports.

Compliant digital archiving

Enjoy legal paperless archiving thanks to our compliant solution which includes digital signature in selected countries, homologation in Spain and GoBD support in Germany.

Online booking tool integration

Integrate your OBT or travel agent to access travel booking from your travel requests.

HCP transparency pack

Link expenses to Health Care Professionals for Sunshine Act compliant expense reporting.

Missing receipt & affidavit

Allow users to provide a sworn affidavit in place of a missing receipt for expense reimbursement.

SAF-T support

Add vendor information to expenses, incl. VAT number resolution, for SAF-T compliant tax reporting.

Compliant daily allowances

Automatically calculate legal daily allowances and add them to your expenses. Choose to apply the legal rates or company-specific rates.

Automated mileages

Automatically calculate legal mileage expenses with our Google Maps integration and add them to your expenses.

Automated exchange rates

Benefit from automated compliant exchange rates with our built-in solution, supported by

VAT recovery

Facilitate VAT recovery on your business expenses or integrate our solution with a VAT recovery service.

Card feed integration

Link your corporate cards (incl. lodge cards) to automatically import business expenses. Transactions are automatically matched to expense entries for quick and easy submission.

Assistant function

Designate an assistant or deputy to fulfil your expense management tasks on your behalf.

Expense split

Easily split a business expense into sub-transactions for greater allocation accuracy.

Real-time OCR

Our OCR reads receipts at lightning speed to extract relevant expense data.

Automated business rules and workflows

Create customised approval and control workflows based on spend limits, projects, cost centres, etc. Manage complex approval and escalation workflows.

Automated expense policies

Implement tailored business rules and spend limits per category for each group of employees.

Cost centres & units

Configure multiple cost centres and units/projects for automated cost allocation.

Cash advance

Register cash advances in any currency and auto-clear expenses against advances.


Our solutions are available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and more.

Single Sign On

Use Microsoft Azure or ADFS SSO for easier employee authentication and better identity and permission management.

Custom look & feel

Make our solution your own by integrating your logo and colour scheme.

HR master data synchro

Automatically load and update your lists of end users, departments, projects and more.

Receipt management

Attach receipts, invoices or other documents to your business expenses.

Accounting & ERP connection

Automatically push accounting files to and import data from your ERP or payroll software.

Ready to make your expenses effortless?