Minimise the maintenance of organisational & employee data by connecting your preferred HR & Payroll systems. Our supported integration makes data synchronisation carefree while ensuring that your expense management process is up to date.


Key features

  • Automated bi-directional data synchronisation, reducing the number of tedious manual tasks
  • Employees are reimbursed automatically in the next payroll round
  • All cost categories are linked to the correct ADP wage components


ADP is one of our long-time partners offering leading HR and salary software to streamline and simplify HR and payroll processes such as the processing of salaries, attracting talent, performance management, development and training. It also includes tools for HR administration, reporting and analysis.

ADP works with dedicated best-of-breed software partners to offer their customers the best possible add-ons to be used together with their solutions. That's why many ADP customers already extend their ADP software with our expense solution. This way, they simplify their employees' lives with a complete, managed expense process, while keeping backend processes untouched.

What are the benefits?

With Mobilexpense and ADP, connect and expand your expense and HR ecosystem.

Mobilexpense and ADP iHCM are integrated systems that allow for seamless bi-directional synchronization of data. With this integration, ADP iHCM sends employee data to Mobilexpense, while approved expense reports with the correct wage components are exported to ADP iHCM for reimbursement and accurate payroll records. This powerful integration streamlines expense reporting and reduces the risk of errors.

Say goodbye to siloed systems and benefit from a best-in-class integration with all HR systems, supported by ADP Marketplace.



HR & Payroll

Data type
  • Accounting file
  • Employee master data
  • Import
  • Export

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