Hassle-Free Expensing

About The Group

MobileXpense is a European group of business expense specialists. As true experts in our field, we accompany and guide you, adding a human touch to a domain known for technicality and cost efficiency. 

Backed by Fortino Capital, an experienced Venture Capital fund, we have the ability and freedom to continuously improve our product offerings

MobileXpense has benefitted from organic growth as of its creation in 2000. The group has since expanded its growth track to acquisitions, starting with what is now MobileXpense Nordics in 2019, closely followed by Declaree the same year and Dicom Expense in early 2020.  

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, the Group has regional offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Romania

Our Brands & Solutions

Under the brands MobileXpense, Declaree and Expense, MobileXpense Group offers organisations comprehensive expense management solutions that are easy to deploy and provide full regulatory compliance with country-specific regulations. We make expense management a hassle-free process that runs in the background, allowing our customers to focus on their added value.

Whether your organisation is mid-sized, a large enterprise or a governmental institution, we have the right solution for you. Our combined offer helps over 3.000 customers of all sizes and from all industries with 1.7 million end users in over 100 countries to drive down their employees' business expenses.

Our approach is lean, but most importantly it is centred on our customers. We listen to them closely to understand their needs and apply our expert knowledge to adapting our flexible solutions to best suit them.


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Our Values

Our values support our ambition, shape our culture, and guide our decision-making

We want people to feel empowered, appreciated and valued, so that we can grow together. 

Our values are the core of the organisation and, with our partners and customers, guide our every move.

We Care

We Care

About our colleagues
We want our colleagues to love working with us; their well-being matters and enables them to deliver strong products and services. 

About our customers
Their experience should be carefree, always, which is why we are adaptive; going above and beyond to create lasting relationships built on experience and mutual trust. 

About the planet
MobileXpense is a socially and environmentally responsible group. We support human rights and do our part to reduce our footprint, both directly and through our partners and suppliers. 


We Empower

We Empower

Our people to grow

Our colleagues receive opportunities to refine their skills and deepen their expertise. They are free to learn, take risks and make mistakes, because it is all inherent to becoming better at what they do.

Our customers to strengthen their business
We support our customers in meeting their goals by delivering the solutions that help them obtain strategic insights and achieve cost and process improvements.

We Take Ownership

We Take Ownership


With empowerment comes responsibility. We are committed to delivering on our promises to both colleagues and customers - honesty and transparency are key. Going the extra mile allows us to focus, together, on finding solutions that work. 

Our customers rely on us to achieve their strategic objectives. They trust us to deliver and we trust our colleagues to always have our company and customers' best interests at heart.

We Respect

We Respect

Inclusiveness and diversity are deeply ingrained in our DNA, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or orientation. With customers around the globe and 20+ nationalities in our organisation, we strive to learn from cultural differences.

We respect and appreciate our customers and their trust in us. We consider and try to understand their points of view, while leveraging our expertise to ensure expectations are realistic and achievable.

One Team

We Are One Team

We are united in our mission to make life hassle-free for our customers. Collaboration and open communication are key to improving processes and our product. We challenge ideas, not people. 

Towards our customers
Our solution can connect with any system, just as we relate to all our customers. Together, we are one team working towards bringing their vision to life.

Because we care

Our Leadership Team

Our experienced leadership team has the combined experience and drive to develop sustainable growth, engage employees and deliver services beyond our customers' expectations.

  • Tine Vandenbreeden, CEO MobileXpense

    Tine Vandenbreeden

  • Robrecht Vander Haeghen, CPO MobileXpense

    Robrecht Vander Haeghen

  • Guy Van Wilder, CCO MobileXpense

    Guy Van Wilder

  • Bart Jochems, COO MobileXpense

    Bart Jochems

  • Hildegard Verhoeven, CFO MobileXpense

    Hildegard Verhoeven

  • Véronique Vingerhoets, Head of People MobileXpense

    Véronique Vingerhoets

    Head of People