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The all-in-one expense management solution

Eliminate the hassle of managing expenses while ensuring compliance with your company policies and local rules and regulations.

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Expense management,
made easy

Never lose receipts

Capture and submit your expenses on the go with ease. Automatically extract payment information from receipts and e-invoices.

Automate every action

From capture to submission, approval, control and reporting, we make every step of expense processing simple and efficient.

Reporting is power

Enforce cost control, increase spending visibility and implement optimisations at every level through clear and immediate reporting.

Built for all teams

    • Get a grip on costs

      Improve efficiency and obtain valuable insights for better decision making.

    • Automated control

      Our OCR and machine learning highlight discrepancies for easy review so you don’t have to manually control everything.

    • Save 90% of your time

      Only discrepant or non-compliant items need to be checked, while validated items are automatically sent for processing.

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    • Every action automated

      Our OCR scanner and mobile expense app do all the work of preparing and submitting a claim, so all you need to do is take a picture.

    • Never lose another receipt

      Capture and submit your expenses on the go with our smartphone app. Automatically extract payment information from receipts and e-invoices.

    • Get reimbursed faster

      With automated approval, ordinary expenses can be approved in no time, meaning faster reimbursement and fewer headaches.

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    • Integrated ecosystem of tools

      Mobilexpense integrates seamlessly with a wide range of HR tools for master data synchronisation and payments to improve your workflow.

    • Track reimbursements with ease

      We facilitate fast reimbursement and provide excellent tracking so you can manage expenses while employees manage their work.

    • Company spending simplified

      Teams are empowered to spend within policy in a way that makes sense for them, whether for business travel or home working.

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    • Real time expense tracking

      Manage costs and budgets like never before thanks to our advanced reporting and overview features and our mobile expense management app.

    • Empower your workforce

      Automated spending limits and notification tools give you a clear overview while helping employees manage their expenses.

    • A paperless solution

      No more piles of reports waiting on desks to be approved. It’s all done in a few taps on our mobile app.

    Discover our app
    • Book with confidence

      We prioritise ease and automation so booking the best deals is a breeze, improving cost control and travel procurement.

    • Transparent travel request flows

      Our travel tools help avoid surprises, enable accurate budgeting and provide seamless integration with online booking tools.

    • Duty of care support

      By centralising travel data we support duty of care efforts. This enables the creation of company-wide travel rules or bans as needed.

    Our travel integrations

For every business size and type

Mobilexpense declaree
  • For European mid-sized companies
  • One tool across all teams
  • Local compliance
  • Local expert support
Mobilexpense mxp
  • For multinationals & large organisations
  • Advanced workflows & add-on modules
  • Global compliance
  • Implementation & professional services

Ensuring compliance,
at home and abroad

  • Per diem management

    Easily and automatically calculate mileages and per diems with our mobile app.

  • Mileage made easy

    We calculate accurate mileage rates for both company and private vehicles, including an odometer function, straight from our mobile app.

  • VAT recovery

    Our wealth of data includes VAT recovery rules for the countries of greatest significance to our customers.

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The kind of expense management you want to use

1,600,000 app downloads

Our mobile app has been tried and tested millions of times.

65% savings

Mobilexpense saves companies an average of 65% on their travel and expense processes.

3,000 customers

Including dozens of industry leaders, for whom we process more than € 1.7 billion in annual expense volumes.

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