About Us

Our Track Record

MobileXpense was created in 2000, and since then we have successfully completed more than 1.300 implementations. We are proud to serve small to mid-sized businesses with the same attention as global corporations with thousands of employees, in more than 80 countries, on every continent.

We have become true experts, and work diligently to deliver solutions that will make a real difference to your company. We guarantee results, and accept no compromise to the level of service we offer. 

For the 6 first months of this year(2017), we managed 99.95% up-time and our service team secured 99.9 % response and resolution within SLA, resulting in 99.5% customer satisfaction.


Continuous growth in both implementations and reports

Our philosophy

We believe in a no-nonsense, performance oriented approach. Our software has been developed with the intention of being the best possible service available. We’ve been customers ourselves on many occasions of various online services, and have sometimes found there is a real gap between what the company promises, and what they actually deliver.

With MobileXpense, we pride ourselves on delivering you what you need in a direct, and clear way. Our proposal to you is based on our experiences with other similar operations. We can offer you quantifiable results, and an approach based around your requirements. To put us to the test, why not work through a personalized business case with us.

Our history


First Customer

Coca Cola Enterprise


First Partner



Start Multinational Developments

Canon Europe, Ferro, Terumo Europe,…


First End-to-End Travel Integration with AeTM



First Global Implementations

UCB Pharma, Adva Optical,Panalpina


First Transparency Implementation

Sunshine Act


MXP3 Launch

ISAE 3402 Certification


Ruling obtained in Belgium

FPS Finance allows digital receipts

Our team

MobileXpense’s team is composed of about 50 highly skilled individuals representing 12 different nationalities  (Belgian, German, French, Dutch, British, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, etc).  All our staff hold degrees  (computer science, IT, engineering, business administration, etc.), and more than 65% of them at Masters level. Most of the team is located in the headquarters in the center of Brussels, Belgium. Other members are located in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Canada (Vancouver).

We are dedicated to usefull and effective innovations as well as professional and pro-active customer service. Our core values are reflected in the way we do business every day and at every level of the company:  • Measure honestly • Serve pro-actively • Innovate to simplify • Think responsibly •  Act effectively •

Our Managing Partners

Xavier Deleval

Mr Deleval is co-founder and Managing Director of MobileXpense, in charge of business and product strategy. Previously he held several management international positions at Shell, including being Head of the EuroShell international division, managing the fuel card business in Europe. He holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics from the prestigious UCL -Louvain-la-Neuve university as well as a Master in Business Administration and Management from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL).

Patrick Billiet

Mr Billiet is co-founder and Managing Director of MobileXpense, in charge of sales and marketing. Prior to it,he also worked for Shell, working on the Benelux fuel card and loyalty systems.  It was there he met Xavier and they began to work on the concept of a superior expenses system that was client focused, which became MobileXpense. He holds a Master in Applied Economics (VUB - Brussels).