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Redefine expense management with Mobilexpense cards

Keep your finance team and employees happy by introducing a modern credit card that’s managed all in one place.

What are Mobilexpense cards?

Mobilexpense credit cards are modern business credit cards issued to employees for company-related expenses. With flexible setting of card limits, real-time reporting and integration into the Mobilexpense expense management platform, managing and reconciliating expenses has never been easier.

Possible use cases

Employee spend
  • Regular traveller who easily checks in hotels or books rental-cars with a plastic card.
  • Incidental spender who pays for the parking garage when meeting a client with a plastic/virtual card.
  • Office manager who easily orders office supplies with a dedicated virtual card.
  • Team manager who requests a specific one-time budget for a team event with a single-use virtual card.
Department spend
  • Advertising manager who uses a dedicated virtual card per ads supplier e.g. Google ads.
  • Finance manager who pays each software license with an individual virtual card.
  • Finance team/controller: Responsible for cards management and issuance. You stay in control of all cards and card spend.

What are the benefits of Mobilexpense credit cards?

No more advance payments out of private pockets
  • Empower your employees by offering them the trust and autonomy they deserve! Having their own card will motivate them to spend wisely and prove the value of having autonomy over their own budget. 
Each card exists both as virtual and plastic
  • Travel and pay internationally with the plastic card. Employees can also request for virtual cards and unlimited single use virtual cards, bringing in more security and control for all transactions.
All card details are available in-app

  • With our app, all credit cards are managed at one place. Employees can activate, block or freeze the card directly from the app. Enjoy the simplicity of centralised management with our intuitive card management features.
Real-time transaction data
  • No more chasing of receipts and invoices for finance teams! Employees receive real-time push-notifications of all transactions in the app, resulting in instant justification of any costs incurred.
  • Employers get to monitor expenses in real-time, allowing for greater visibility and control. Receipt data is also automatically extracted with OCR (amount, date, VAT, merchant), taking out the hassle of manual data entry.
Fully automated spend control
  • Experience a peace of mind as every transaction is automatically checked against your company policy, ensuring compliance and flagging any discrepancies instantly. Employees and finance teams are instantly made aware of any out of policy expenses, keeping everyone in the loop. 

How can I use a Mobilexpense card?

After a quick onboarding, KYC and AML checks, new cards are instantly ordered and distributed in your organisation. Choose which employees need their own card and get to easily manage your company balance online. 

Other features of the cards include:

  • Below market exchange rates - 0% Fx Markup
  • Both prefund and credit line setup available
  • Notification when card-balance is low (threshold)
  • All cards tap into the same central credit balance
  • 24/7 support and fraud-desk availability

How can I get access?

Connect with your Mobilexpense point of contact, or fill in this form to receive personalised guidance for your organisation's needs and objectives.

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