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d.velop documents supports follow-up processes that may be required after the travel expense management process and provides retention periods for reports as well as records - in the same system in which all other business-relevant documents are stored.

Document stack
  • Category
  • Datatype
    • User data + Expense data + Booking data
  • Flow
    • Input + output
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Key features

  • Audit-proof storage of processed expense documents & all other documents that must be stored
  • Documents can be saved contextually - all documents related to a travel can be found in one place
  • Intelligent assignment of reports & receipts in one or more digital files such as personnel files or invoice files
  • Subsequent processes with document transfer to d.velop documents can be set up flexibly


The d.velop group develops and markets software for the complete digitisation of business processes and industry-specific procedures, and advises companies in all areas of digitisation.

In addition to its established ECM portfolio of services relating to document management, archiving and workflows on mobile apps as well as standardised and custom SaaS solutions, the software manufacturer has also expanded its offer to managed services. These services include sophisticated compliance management to provide legal certainty and ensure compliance with all statutory regulations.

d.velop helps businesses and organisations reach their full potential by offering digital services that connect people to each other and that simplify and retool procedures and processes.

A strong, global network of around 360 specialized partners ensures that d.velop Enterprise Content Services are available worldwide.

d.velop products – whether on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid form – are now used by more than 12.500 customers across multiple industries with over 2.9 million users.

What are the benefits?

Reports and documents are transferred to the inbound channel of d.velop documents using a defined functional mailbox. With d.velop documents standard functionalities, the further (partially) automated processing follows in d.velop documents. More options to follow.

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