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d.velop documents supports follow-up processes that may be required after the travel expense management process and provides retention periods for reports as well as records - in the same system in which all other business-relevant documents are stored.

  • Category
  • Datatype
    • User data + Expense data + Booking data
  • Flow
    • Input + output
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Key features

  • Audit-proof storage of processed expense documents & all other documents that must be stored
  • Documents can be saved contextually - all documents related to a travel can be found in one place
  • Intelligent assignment of reports & receipts in one or more digital files such as personnel files or invoice files
  • Subsequent processes with document transfer to d.velop documents can be set up flexibly


The d.velop group, headquartered in Gescher, Germany, develops and markets software for the end-to-end digitisation of business processes and industry-specific procedures.

With its network of hundreds of partners, d.velop also advises companies on all digitisation issues. With the expansion of the established content services / ECM portfolio for document management, digital archiving and collaboration, the d.velop provides the software in SaaS, on premise and hybrid models.

Thanks to HTML5 technology, these products can be used on any device. Legal certainty and compliance with legal requirements are optimally supported thanks to sophisticated compliance management.

What are the benefits?

The connection between Declaree and d.velop documents allows you to automatically save travel expense reports (travel overview and corresponding receipts) from Declaree in d.velop AG’s audit-proof document management software d.velop Documents.

All your important documents are stored centrally, and you can link the reports as needed, e.g., in supplier or personnel files, and/or pass them on to follow-up processes. In this way, you combine the strengths of Declaree’s travel expense process with the capabilities of a holistic document management system.

You decide how travel expense reports are transmitted from Declaree to d.velop Documents:

- Flexibly via e-mail forwarding to a functional mailbox connected to d.velop Documents.

- Fully automated (incl. metadata from Declaree) using the API connection between Declaree and d.velop Documents.