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Lose the paper trail and gain new insights

  1. Scan

    Capture expenses, add receipts and allowances, create mileages, and import credit card transactions in just a few taps.

  2. Approve

    Review and approve your team’s expenses on the go, anytime, anywhere.

  3. Control

    Manually control exceptions, while letting our system automatically process compliant items.

  4. Reimburse

    Reimburse your employees quickly and accurately for a happier workforce.

  5. Report

    Enforce cost control, implement process optimisations, and eliminate fraud.


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Discover how Mobilexpense works in less than 2 minutes.

How it works

Smart, simple, seamless

Step 1 - Scan

As simple as taking a picture

Our optical character recognition (OCR) extracts the data from your receipts, and you can supplement it if necessary.

  • The correct distance for mileage reimbursements is calculated automatically through our Google Maps integration.
  • Add daily and other allowances in a few clicks - the calculation is done directly in the application.
  • Receive all your credit card transactions directly in Mobilexpense, thanks to the link with credit card providers.
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Step 2 - Approve

Complete control. Instant approvals

Orchestrate approvals and make the most of our automation and sampling solutions to optimise both effort and cost.

  • Check and approve your teams’ expenses on the go wherever you are
  • Never miss an expense report again. Never leave someone waiting for approval
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Step 3 - Control

Reconcile data and expenses

Manually control exceptions, while letting our system automatically process compliant items.

  • Save up to 90% on controlling time
  • Status verification of submitted expenses with all data
  • Automated tracking of company cash
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Step 4 - Reimburse

Speed up payouts

Quickly and accurately reimburse employees, making them more effective and engaged without wasting time on unresolved expenses.

  • Master data is automatically fed into Mobilexpense for accurate reimbursements
  • Employees receive their money back in no time
  • Less time spent on admin, more time for actual work
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Step 5 - Report

A valuable overview

Benefit from seamless reporting that helps you enforce cost control, implement process optimisations and increase your visibility.

  • All your spend data in one visual tool
  • Deep-dive into your data to get insights and identify trends
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