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  • Ensuring Healthcare Compliance

    For those companies operating in an international marketplace, ensuring compliance has never been more difficult or expensive.

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and other similar regulatory developments outside the US, have significantly increased the complexity and administrative burden of compliance for Life Science companies. And, the failure to remain compliant is extremely costly, with annual fines up to $1,000,000.

    In this new regulatory environment, Life Science compliance and finance professionals are faced with a number of operational challenges:

    1. How to understand, and keep up to date with, compliance requirements across all their operating countries?
    2. How to ensure business and compliance processes and systems are robust enough to meet upcoming/future regulation?
    3. How to reduce the increasing cost of compliance?


    To meet this challenge, MobileXpense and its partners have developed a comprehensive suite of Life Sciences solutions

    Healthcare compliance pack

    All the usual MobileXpense expense management functionality with built-in Life Sciences compliance.


    First end-to-end compliance solution combining expense management, aggregate spend management and regulatory reporting functionality.

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  • What we deliver

    Capture all HCP related expenses in the full-feature MobileXpense expense management system.

    MobileXpense benefits from straight-forward ERP connectivity that allows all HCP data to be captured and processed without the need for major IT projects. It also has several control layers to support and automate the compliant processing of HCP expenses.

    • Dynamic data entry workflow linked to expense category
    • Extensive data entry automation
    • Link validated HCP data to expenses
    • Real-Time warnings if the HCP information entered does not match master data
    • Real-Time exceptions warnings for expenses that appear not to meet regulatory standards
    • Fully compliant with US Sunshine Act and European Regulations
    • Fully tax compliant 
    • Fully integrated with third-party aggregate spend solutions
    • Automated rule-based approval workflow
    • Straight-forward ERP connectivity
    • Data easily exportable to external databases
  • Benefits

    Compliance with US and European Life Sciences spend regulations is built into the MobileXpense Healthcare Compliance Pack.

    There is no need to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure and software. The solution’s high level of data-entry automation, as well as automated compliance checks and approval workflows avoid costly re-work and significantly reduces the costs associated with processing and reporting on HCP related spend.

    As a customer, you will be notified of all upcoming regulatory changes and informed about how we plan to address those changes with modifications or enhancements to our systems.

    • No need for IT infrastructure or software maintenance
    • High level of data-entry automation
    • Automated approval workflows immediately highlight instances of potential non-compliance
    • Built-in data validation checks ensure data accuracy and completeness, and avoid costly re-work
  • A comprehensive spend management and compliance solution

    MobileXpense together with Medispend have developed the first end-to-end compliance solution - MxSpend

    This SaaS cloud solution seamlessly integrates the best-in-class MobileXpense expense reporting system with the industry-leading Medispend® aggregate spend reporting family of products.

    The result is a Life Science Spend Compliance Solution that is fully compliant with US state and federal laws as well as all current European legislation and industry codes of conduct.

    The solution has been designed with easy adoption in mind. We are set up to support you to quickly and seamlessly migrate your processes and data from existing systems.


    • Dynamic Data entry workflow linked to expense category
    • Extensive data entry automation
    • Link validated HCP data to expenses
    • Straight-forward ERP connectivity
    • Data easily exportable to external databases
    • Fully integrated with third party aggregate spend solutions


    • Real-Time warnings if the HCP information entered does not match master data
    • Real-Time exceptions warnings for expenses that appear not to meet regulatory standards
    • Automated rule-based approval workflow
    • Fully compliant with US Sunshine Act and European Regulations


    • Easy data interfacing and integration.
    • Real-time warnings when aggregate spend for an individual HCP exceeds regulatory limits
    • A Compliance dashboard to manage and resolve non-compliant aggregate expenses


    • Report notification center, that allows you to liaise with HCPs to verify the accuracy of their aggregate spend record
    • Report validation based on rules-based engine, which automatically flags items that require attention before report submission
    • Accurate jurisdiction based reports
    • On-demand custom reports, to support business analysis
  • Executive summary

    A dedicated account manager will support you every step of the way: from defining your requirements to ensuring a smooth implementation. Which solution is right for you?

    Functionality Compliance Pack MxSpend
    Expense management system
    Expense compliance checks
    Expense compliance workflow
    HCP data validation (Expenses)
    HCP data validation (Aggregate Spend)  
    Operational reporting - (HCP related) expenses
    Operational reporting - total HCP spend/HCP aggregate  
    Aggregate spend tracking  
    Compliance issue resolution  
    Regulatory reporting   (optional)
    HCP notification workflow   (optional)

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