Take a pic of your receipt, let the app do the rest

With Mobilexpense, expenses are as easy as taking a picture with your phone.

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As simple as taking a picture

Our app is built for ease of use, providing a smooth user experience from start to finish.

Automated to save you time

No need to manually enter anything. Just take a picture of your receipt and we’ll do the rest.

No more lost receipts

Going digital means you can say goodbye to paper trails and lost receipts forever

How it works

  1. All payment methods

    The easiest expense tracking, regardless of the payment method. Cash, corporate or private card, it’s all just as easy for our platform.

  2. Different expense types

    Other expenses are equally easy to add from the app. A few taps are all it takes to create a compliant mileage with Google Maps, and daily allowances are calculated automatically.

  3. Fast reimbursement

    With automated approval and control, ordinary expenses can be approved in no time. Which means faster reimbursement and fewer headaches.

  4. Real time tracking

    Real time expense status. From the dashboard you can check the status of any expense to instantly know whether it’s been approved and when it was settled.

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