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Company cards for all your employees

Give your employees more spending autonomy and yourself more control with company cards.

Virtual & plastic cards

Choose the type of cards that best suit your company and the way your employees use them.

Real-time spend insights

Monitor your company spending in real-time with our dashboard.

Manage all cards online

Easily order, freeze, block and manage cards online, without setting foot at the bank.

No more out-of-pocket expenses with company credit cards

Offer your employees their own company credit card to let them say goodbye to advancing money out-of-pocket for their expenses.

Controlled spending

Set spending limits per period or per transaction for each Mobilexpense company credit card, and determine the transactions that require justification.

Transactions are monitored in real-time within Declaree, and each one is checked against spend limits, company policy and business rules, making it impossible to overspend your balance.

Say goodbye to chasing receipts

Employees receive push notifications for each card transaction resulting in instant justification of incurred costs. And receipt data is automatically extracted and matched thanks to OCR.

Manage all company cards online and in real-time

Instantly issue or block company credit cards, manage lost cards, pin codes and more from our online application’s central dashboard.

Easy digital setup

You can do it all yourself: connect Declaree to your existing accounting and HR tools such as DATEV, Exact, ADP or Personio and configure your SSO, all within our admin platform.

Ready to make your expenses effortless?