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    Our mission

    MobileXpense takes the pain out of travel and expense management by automating and streamlining the often complex and frustrating process for the traveller and corporate controller. The time-consuming tasks of submission, approval, and control are moved to the background: automated, effortless, and globally compliant!

    Business travel should be about business, period.

    Our values sit at our core

    Our values support our ambition, shape our culture and guide our decision-making.

    We want our people to feel empowered, appreciated and valued, so that together we can grow

    Our values sit at the core of our organisation and, with our partners and customers, guide our every move.


    We Care

    About our people

    As much as we want our customers to love using our product, we also want our colleagues to love working with us. Their well-being matters and enables them to deliver strong products and excellent services.

    About our customers​
    We believe our customers' experience should be carefree, always, which is why we are flexible when their needs change. We go above and beyond to create lasting relationships built on expertise and mutual trust.

    We empower

    We Empower​

    We empower our people to grow

    We offer our colleagues every opportunity to refine their skills and deepen their expertise. We want to empower them to make decisions and develop innovative products. Our people are free to learn, take risks and even make mistakes; because it's all inherent to becoming better at what they do.

    We empower our customers to improve their business
    We make every effort to support our customers in meeting their goals. We deliver the solutions that help them obtain strategic insights and achieve cost and process improvements.

    We have ownership

    We Take Ownership​

    We are responsible

    With empowerment comes responsibility. We are committed to delivering on our promises to both colleagues and customers - honesty and transparency are key. We go the extra mile and focus, together, on solutions that work.

    We are reliable
    Customers rely on us to achieve their strategic objectives. They trust us to deliver and we trust our colleagues to always have our company's and our customers' best interests at heart.

    We respect

    We Respect​

    We are inclusive

    Inclusiveness and diversity are deeply ingrained in our DNA. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference, we are all “MobileXpense. With customers in more than 100 countries and over 15 employee nationalities in our organisation, we strive to overcome cultural differences anywhere they may be.​​

    We are understanding
    We respect and appreciate our customers for their trust and the opportunity to work together. We take into account and try to understand our customers' point of view, while leveraging our expertise to ensure that expectations remain realistic and achievable.


    We Are One Team​

    We are one team with our colleagues

    Our shared vision helps us overcome all challenges.​ Together, we work to make life carefree for our customers as one unit. Collaboration and open communication are key to improving our processes and our product. We challenge ideas, not people.

    We team up with our customers
    Just as our solution integrates with any system, we connect with all our customers. Together, we form a single, tight-knit team that works on successfully realising their vision.

    Our team in numbers

    150 Employees
    18 Nationalities
    50/50 Gender Parity
    65% Hold Master's Degrees
    36 Average Age

    Our recruitment process

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