Global Solution

All your entities use the same end-to-end solution for their expense reporting process in the whole world.

Thanks to MobileXpense you manage your expenses globally, compliant with business rules and local regulations. MobileXpense has customers on all the continents in more than 60 different countries.

More than 80% of our customers have entities in multiple countries and among those customers,  61% use MobileXpense on more than one continent.

All countries are set-up with the necessay currencies and exchange rates. We support currency conversion for up to 170 different currencies. Users who travel abroad no longer are concerned with exchange rates.

Open end-to-end with your partners

With MobileXpense you have a solution supporting the entire Travel & Expense process, and we support integration with your preferred partners.

Our vision is to differentiate our solution model from the trends in the expense and the travel management market that is dominated by dependent structures and rigid solutions.

Benefits of end-to-end integration:

  1. An open partner: managing travel programs usually involves several third-parties, which can even differ within the same group of companies. With its “open approach”, MobileXpense ensures effective integration with any third party such as travel agencies or online booking tools, credit card issuers and ERP systems, enabling organizations to maintain their preferred partners in their respective travel management processes.
  2. Save time and money: requesting a business trip has never been so fast and simple. Only a couple of clicks are needed for travelers, managers and travel agents. Along with a decrease of processing-costs, direct expenditures will also shrink thanks to an improved compliance with your organization’s policies. Finally, the monitoring of travel activities and spend through the reporting functionality allows organizations to gain a better bargaining position with suppliers.
  3. Enforce policy compliance: by integrating your travel policies into MobileXpense, and by collaborating successfully with your travel agency and online booking tools, the travel solution helps your organization reach higher levels of travel policy compliance.
  4. Ensure travel relevance: travelling is not the unique solution to an organization’s communication needs. With a travel solution, pre-approving a travel request enables decision makers to objectively determine the relevance of a business trip, on top of ensuring a better cost control.
  5. Invoice reconciliation: as any travel is initiated with a registered request, MobileXpense can fully reconcile a travel request with its associated charges, such as travel agent invoices and credit card transactions. MobileXpense will generate as a final output settled accounting data, which can be directly uploaded into your ERP or accounting system.

Compliant with local regulations

MobileXpense pro-actively manages local legal regulations for you in more than 40 countries.

MobileXpense’s expense management solution supports and automates many functions with regards to legal regulations to make the expense reporting process easy for the user, the manager and the controller. 

Among others, MobileXpense solution manages for you the following:

  • Mileage: the solutions makes it possible to register mileage both with private cars and/or company cars.
  • Allowances: the solution makes it possible to manage daily allowances.
  • VAT: the solution contains and pro-actively updates a database with VAT rates per category for all compliant territories.
  • Exchange Rate: the solution manages directly currency conversion for up to 170 different currencies.

Compliant with your business rules

MobileXpense manages your internal business rules, and travel policies to automate compliance. To date, MobileXpense supports about 200 off the shelf configurable business rules. These are based on 15 years of customer requests and best practice experiences.

We respects those things which make your business successful, and integrates them into a system which will save you time and money. MobileXpense offers a wide range of business rules to issue warnings, escalate approvals or even prevent processing related to expense management policies. Different policies can be set up in an entity to allow different types of validation rules and workflows to be triggered for different types of travellers.

Some examples of the available automated policy checks:

  • Check on required (mandatory) information.
  • Check for attendees or guest names for entertainment or events.
  • Check on suspected double entries.
  • Check on per diems concurrence with covered expense types.
  • Check on per diem dates (with travel request dates).
  • Maximum spend per day, week, and month per range of categories.
  • And many more...

Easy to use

At MobileXpense we put a big emphasis on simplicity. We continuously improve our application to make it as userfriendly as possible.

The end-user experience is a top priority with every update we deliver. The application is online, and designed for your laptop and desktop computer as well as your tablet or mobile device. Our user interface is designed to be intuitive enough to use without prior training.

We focus principally on:

  • An easy Navigation and an intuitive interface.
    We minimize the number of clicks & scrolls, to have clear screen flows and clear messages. Also, we put an extra effort in allowing our customers to use their own business terminology for labels and messages, adapted to the context,  so that they do not have to adpat to a new vocabulary.
  • Significantly reduce user input time.
    We are always looking for ways to make your expense reporting process easier and less time consuming. That is why we use preloaded transactions from your credit cards, default values for standard reports (VAT, exchange rates, cost centers, favourites, etc.) and various functions to facilitate your data entry.
  • Correct and complete input.
    Additionally to those functions, we also make sure that the data you enter is correct and complete. We do this by making users aware of the expense policy via messages (flags), instructions or category tips, ...

Easy to set up and operate

Don't worry about complex interfaces, MobileXpense integrates with your ERP and HR system.

MobileXpense's solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service). This makes it easy to set up and operate as it requires no specific IT infrastructure to set up and manage internally, no software to install and no hardware to purchase – it’s all online and available with no investments or complication.

Moreover, we also insure simple, non-intrusive interfaces with any ERP and HR systems that you work with. There will be no software to maintain, update or support and no additional interfaces to operate.

Thanks to this easy set-up and process, your travel expense solution can be live in no time.


MobileXpense takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. Our ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 II certifications are proof that we are reliable.

Your data is as valuable as it is private. MobileXpense therefore provides you with a reliable and high-performance solution that ensures the privacy and security of all your data. We act as data processor and in this role support customer compliance with the EU and country specific data protection directives.

MobileXpense follows best practises and industry standards to ensure the protection of the application and associated data against confidentiality and integrity breaches as well as service availability. Based on industry best practices and standards, including ISO 27002 and PCI Data Security Standards, security controls are in place to protect data including personal data, credit cards, and other sensitive data from loss, misuse or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

In the scope of our ISAE 3402 Type 2 certification, we ensure:

  • Business processing and application integrity - ensuring authentication and restricted access to our application, accurate upload of card transactions, accurate processing of expense data, etc.
  • Information security and business resilience - ensuring responibilities are clearly defined in MobileXpense, logical access to servers, etc.
  • Problem and incident management - ensuring problems and incidents are resolved and the causes of incidents are investigated to prevent recurrence, etc.
  • Change Management of IT systems - ensuring changes to operational applications and their supporting systems are planned, developed and implemented in a controlled manner, etc.

In the scope of our ISO 27001 certification, we ensure the following:

  • Data Confidentiality - ensuring that information is accessible only to those who are authorized to have access;
  • Data Integrity - safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information;
  • Data Availability - ensuring that authorized users have access to information when they need it;
  • Compliance - ensuring that relevant legal and regulatory requirements in relation to the protection of information are adhered to.