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Enhanced and Consolidated SpendController Expense Status Messages

To alleviate the pressure on controllers, we regularly enhance our controller experience to provide the correct automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) status on SpendController results. We also continuously train our AI model to provide a higher accuracy rate in capturing values and information from receipts and invoices.

With the release of v3.01, we have incorporated three major changes.

1. Consolidated status messages

The statuses are consolidated as follows.

  1. Completed: This indicates how many OCR processes have been completed out of the total OCR processes that need to run. The total number of processes to run depends on the transaction and your configuration. A status of 1/1 or 2/2 indicates that all planned processes have completed. Once all processes have completed, a completion time stamp is added
  2. Pending: This number indicates how many processes still need to run. While the OCR process is still in progress, you will see this message with status 1/1, 2/2 or 1/2. If you see the message 0/1 or 0/2, then the OCR process has completed.
  3. Failed: This status message will show an alert if an OCR process fails. The message with 0/1 or 0/2 indicates that no process has failed. A status of 1/1, 1/2 or 2/2 indicates that the OCR process has failed and action will be taken accordingly by Mobilexpense to fix this error.

2. Improved dice colour indicators

To simplify the controllers' tasks on the impediment indicators, there will now be only 3 colours - Red, Grey and Green.

  • Red - An OCR value does not match the User entry
  • Grey - No value was found on either the User entry or by the OCR
  • Green - An OCR value matches the User entry

3. Improved legend on the report view

We have ensured that the legend reflects the updated dice colours along with label IDs which can be translated into the language of your choosing.

  • 6-Bit dice (depending on your configuration)
  • 8-Bit dice (depending on your configuration)

Posted on 24 Oct 2022

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