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Extended AFAS Setup With Mapping Options

How does our extended AFAS feature help you

To support our AFAS customers that use custom “free fields” for their financial transactions we have extended the AFAS setup wizard with mapping options. These will automatically fetch those free fields and allow the admin user to map them to Declaree properties. Doing so, Declaree is able to populate those free fields automatically when exporting financial transactions to AFAS.

How to set it up

To start using this new feature, please make sure to update your AFAS “App connector” to include “Financial transactions free fields” so that Declaree is able to fetch available free fields from your AFAS instance.

The free fields in AFAS are available under the “Management tool” > “Financial transactions” and allow you to add text and/or choice type fields to your transactions. Declaree offers support for both types of free fields.

See our Help Center for more information on setting up your AFAS connection.

Posted on 07 Jan 2022

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