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Improved Expense Process and Communication With Comment Section

How to improve your team's communication about expenses

The controller’s role is not an easy one, particularly when it requires users to update and correct expense submissions post facto.

MXP has made this easier with the improvement of our “Comments” feature. This feature allows users, approvers, and controllers to provide or request additional information as the expense progresses through the workflow.

Each role can add comments to a specific line in the report, or about the report itself. The comments are available for all roles to view and respond to.

We have also updated the transaction numbering so that it remains consistent, regardless of whether a transaction is deleted. This makes it easier for users, approvers, and controllers to be on the same page when referencing a transaction number in their comments.

How to use the"Comments" feature

As seen in the picture below, the “Comments” feature allows users, approvers & controllers to converse regarding specific expenses, ensuring the correct information is gathered to allow the expense to progress.

In the second picture, the transaction numbering remains consistent, even when a transaction is removed, to aid referencing.

The outcome for MXP users is that communication related to specific expenses is more effective, leading to fewer exceptions and less hassle.

Posted on 07 Jan 2022