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Declaree x bunq Integration: Best-In-Class Spend Management With Employee Cards

It's in the news:

  • FFnews: "Mobilexpense and bunq partner up to bring payment cards to employees"
  • Silicon Canals: "Amsterdam’s bunq partners with Brussels-based all-in-one expense management platform Mobilexpense"

With the new Mobilexpense Declaree x bunq partnership, out-of-pocket expenses for employees are a thing of the past!

You’ve been waiting for it, and we have done it. Mobilexpense Declaree has a new, valuable integration with bunq bank. With this integration, our combined solution will become your favourite best-in-breed partner for spend management.

What are the benefits of the Mobilexpense Declaree x bunq integration?

We are simplifying employee expense management with the addition of an integrated mobile banking solution. What this means for you is that you can manage all your bunq cards straight from the Mobilexpense Declaree admin platform. You now have ultimate control over all your spend and card budget in one single platform.

You can also wave goodbye to paper receipts (and chasing them!) - receipts now come in automatically through the Mobilexpense Declaree app! And with your integrated bunq cards, reimbursing employees becomes a thing of the past. This gives you better, real-time insight into employee spend and automates spend control.

Employees are happier not having to pay for expenses out-of-pocket, and your organisation keeps a closer eye on costs. Win-win!

A smooth spend process with employee cards

With the Mobilexpense Declaree x bunq integration, your employee spend process becomes smooth. Card transactions are sent from bunq to the Mobilexpense Declaree app in real time, creating an expense for each, thus reducing expense creation time.

Mobilexpense Declaree also automatically creates an expense report combining all card transactions. This means that employees can submit an expense report in seconds from their smartphone.

Finally, the app matches captured receipts to your card transactions. You will never lose another receipt!

Easy card management within the Mobilexpense Declaree app

No need to access both your bank and Mobilexpense Declaree accounts. You can now easily manage your bunq cards from within the Mobilexpense Declaree app! This includes ordering new cards and appointing them to employees, activating new cards and even changing pins and freezing lost cards or terminating old ones.

And because your bunq cards are integrated with your Mobilexpense Declaree expense management app, you can configure spend limits and control spend online in real-time. All from the same app.

Seamless Declaree x bunq integration

Thanks to our Mobilexpense Declaree x bunq integration, your debit and prepaid credit cards are integrated right into your Mobilexpense Declaree app. Meaning card transactions are synced with your expenses in real-time.

Down the line, these transactions are also custom mapped to your accounting or ERP software for a low-touch approach.

In addition to the above card management features, this integration allows you to:

  • Manage and monitor each employee’s budget up front
  • Configure your own business rules on spend for individuals or groups of users
  • Control all employee spend and card budgets online
  • Set limits for transactions, ATM withdrawals, etc.

In brief

Our aim is always to simplify expense management, both for employees and organisations. This Mobilexpense Declaree x bunq integration brings together two important steps in the expense management process: payment and expense capture.

By automatically integrating these two steps and allowing you to manage employee cards from the Mobilexpense Declaree app, we want to make expense management even more low-touch and accessible to everyone.

Posted on 30 Mar 2022

See the bunq integration in action