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Two decades of experience in a single solution.

From preferred partner integration to group policies, we've thought of everything. We'll even guide you throughout the entire change management process.


Travel Request 2@2x

Travel Request

Fill, budget and submit your travel request in a straightforward user interface, adapted to your company's practices. There’s more! We accompany you along your journey to automatically capture and reconcile business expenses made during your trip. Your report will be ready and waiting for you when you return.

Travel request approval@2x

Policies & Approval

Implement your company's travel policies and approval workflow in MobileXpense. We offer a transparent travel request workflow to seamlessly apply your company’s internal rules.

Travel integration

Travel Agent Integration

Choose your preferred partners and enjoy a seamless integration with your choice of online booking tool. Our open approach helps you get the best deals, improves cost control and facilitates procurement as well as compliance with internal travel policies.


Amazing UI 2@2x

Amazing Interface

Our bright, fresh and modern identity is delivered through a clean interface that is all about you. We guide you to the essential information everywhere and at any moment. It is all available to you on the web or on your phone, via our multi-platform mobile application.



Optical Character Recognition - Infused with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning, our SpendCatcher™ mobile application automatically extracts payment information from receipts or e-invoices. Create an expense in just one tap wherever you are. We will help you reach paperless paradise, a place where you will never again lose a receipt!

Mobile App@2x


Record, manage and submit your business expenses, including additional details based on your specific policies. Ensure optimal categorisation thanks to our legally compliant templates for more than 70 countries.

Mileage 2@2x


Using our Google Maps© integration in conjunction with our engine that covers the regulations of more than 60 countries, lets you retrace your trips to calculate and claim your mileage. Encode the mileage from your odometer and we will automatically reconcile your private and business miles as well as your commuting deductions.
Allowance 4@2x


Using our certified environment, easily calculate, manage and submit your claimable daily allowances for business trips. Our solution is tailored to your company policies and regulations. Ensure global compliance thanks to our legally compliant templates for more than 70 countries.

illustrations - Spend

Cash Advance

Effortlessly record, request or approve cash advances and petty cash. We integrate with your payroll and perform the reconciliation automatically as your employees capture their expenses.
Expense Split 4@2x


With a clear user interface and a touch of automation, we facilitate the itemisation of your receipts and bills, allowing you to split your expenses into separate items according to your company's policies.

Notifications (2)@2x-1


Our product automatically keeps you informed, proactively, to take direct action at the right time.


Built-In Compliance

We help you concentrate on your core business by supporting and maintaining the compliance regulations of more than 70 countries regarding tax rates, allowances, mileage, reporting and security. Furthermore, we have strengthened our operations with ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 TYPE II certifications, to guarantee a safe and stable service in the long run.
Sunshine Act@2x

Healthcare Transparency

Configure your MobileXpense solution to comply with the regulations that apply to expenses related to healthcare providers around  the world - e.g. Sunshine Act, Loi Bertrand and derivatives. 


Approval & Control Flows

Combining our proven data engine with our new interface, we've optimised your actions to take your company to the next level of global compliance. Orchestrate supervisor approvals and financial controls according to your internal policies. Make the most of our automation and sampling solutions to optimise both your efforts and your costs.

Deputy 2@2x


Because sometimes you just need to delegate, we offer straightforward deputy management. Share your instructions and let your colleague capture and submit your expenses or review and approve your colleagues’ reports. Our interface allows assistants to swap profiles according to their needs.


Go further with SpendController™. Experience the clever, automatic and OCR-powered control of your policies and legal requirements, allowing you to focus only on inconsistencies.


Customization 2@2x


Our solution adapts to your needs for optimal synergy, from workflows to user interface. With the integration of your company's colour scheme and logo as well as its languages and currencies, you will feel right at home.


Entity Management

We help you manage your business, worldwide. Our solution allows you to configure and manage several entities in different countries or branches, each with their own dedicated set of rules and compliance regulations.

illustrations - Integrated

Departments & Projects

Import your departments and projects and configure your approval flows and reporting accordingly. Employees will be smoothly redirected to the appropriate supervisor based on the cost centre and project they are allocated to or those selected for their expenses.

User Profile 3@2x

User Management

Create and manage user accounts. We offer you a user friendly solution to support the different roles in your company, in the strictest respect of GDPR regulations.


User Groups & Policies

Organise your end users in groups, granting each group access to specific features such as expense, mileage, allowance or travel under a given policy. The business rules you configure in your policies will automatically notify end users, supervisors and controllers regarding the best practices, limits and compliance information.
illustrations_Global Integration

Global Integration

Integrate travel and expense management seamlessly with your ERP or accounting system for master data and transactional data. Integrating your payroll or ERP service allows you to mitigate legal risks, reduce overhead with payment streams and avoid taxation or privacy issues.
illustrations_Travel Management

Credit Card Feeds

Link your corporate cards with our PCI DSS certified solution to automatically reconcile your business expenses with their corresponding bank records. Available for more than 30 card providers worldwide such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, UnionPay, Diners Club and more.


Single Sign-On

Connect MobileXpense to your authentication system and allow your users to log in with their company credentials, improving user experience and eliminating the effort required by credential management.


VAT Reclaim

Your company handles a significant amount of foreign expenses? We make the VAT reclaim process effortless thanks to our automated integration of third-party services. Your expense data is analysed, filtered and transferred to our partner which takes care of processing your claim.


Enjoy the best expense reporting system, one that grows with you and helps your make real improvements in the way your budget is managed and consumed. Our solution makes it easier for your company to analyse and adjust budgets for travel and expenses.