With VAT4U's online tax technology, VAT refunds have never been easier! VAT4U offers the most advanced automation to maximize domestic & foreign VAT refunds without you having to spend time or effort.

Key features

  • Full automation of domestic & foreign VAT recovery processes
  • Maximised VAT refund for travel expenses & supplier invoices
  • Thorough compliance checks while minimising costs & manual efforts


VAT4U is Europe's leading cloud-based software for all services around VAT and consolidated expense management. Their online tax technology processes domestic and foreign travel expenses as well as supplier invoices to deliver reliable VAT analytics for your VAT returns.

Established in 2012, VAT4U has since been paving the way to full automation in the field of VAT by constantly striving to optimise the connection between tax regulations and artificial intelligence. With headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, and many partners and branches across the world, VAT4U delivers excellent VAT services to over 1,200 customers.

What are the benefits?

The VAT4U tax technology works as a big data consolidator where all your travel expenses and supplier invoices are collected and processed for VAT recovery. VAT4U uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to offer you the best tax technology in the market. They grant all clients full access to their technology. Everything is transparent in terms of status, communication and fee calculation. VAT4U offers flexible contracts without binding terms. They have implemented the highest standards for data protection and compliance. Their GDPR compliant processes make sure your data is managed in a safe way. Their servers are based in Germany and your VAT claims are managed locally by dedicated VAT expert teams.

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