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Plug & connect your preferred travel suppliers to experience the best-in-class travel & expense management in one integrated solution. From the travel booking process to profile synchronisation & invoice management, we have all your needs covered.
Egencia & Mobilexpense integrations page

Key features

  • Simplify your employees' travel booking process with enriched data
  • Synchronise traveller profiles between Mobilexpense & Egencia
  • Real time data sharing between Egencia & Mobilexpense
  • Centralise booking approval in Mobilexpense
  • Simplify the business traveller experience by automating your expense flow


Egencia is a modern corporate travel management solution well-suited to today's fast-changing travel landscape and global business needs. Egencia delivers simple, consumer-like business travel that users love, supported with a globally consistent platform and powerful travel program management suitable for your company's global operations.

Thanks to Egencia's Open Connect Platform, your company benefits from the power of Egencia and Mobilexpense's end-to-end integrated solution, making travel and expense management a seamless process with a solution all in one place.

What are the benefits?

Travel and expense management can be a simple and easy process by integrating your online booking tool with Mobilexpense.

Thanks to our integration with Egencia, simplification of data transfer is a reality, combining the best in breed capabilities of the T&E industry.

Our dedicated interfaces with Egencia's Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs) will help you to streamline the booking flows, synchronise traveller and booking data and centralise your travel and expense process in Mobilexpense.

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Data type
  • Travel  request data
  • Booking data
  • Import
  • Export

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