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Automate your admin and free up time to grow your business

Our solutions give you your time back by reducing your administrative and data-entry workload. This frees you up for more strategic work and exception handling.

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Give your team their time back

Leverage automation for low-value tasks so that you can focus instead on strategic decision-making.

Real time data

With real time data, your financial picture is always up to date allowing you to make better, smarter decisions.

Advanced analytics

Reduce your manual load with automated analytics that aggregate data to easily identify trends and support strong growth.

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What you'll enjoy about our solutions

  • Extensive approval & control flows

    Our data engine and interface optimise your actions to ensure business compliance. Orchestrate supervisor approvals and financial controls according to your policies. Make the most of our automation and sampling solutions to optimise both your efforts and your costs.

  • Automated control, OCR & machine learning

    Our OCR scanning extracts important information from receipts to populate expenses. Combined with machine learning, it allows for automated control and validation while highlighting discrepancies for easy review. Only spend time controlling data that needs to be controlled, rather than manually controlling everything.

  • Budget tracking with real time visibility

    Easily track spending across the company or group in real time. So you can still manage costs and stay on top of everything.

  • 90% of your time back

    Only discrepant or non-compliant items need to be checked. And validated items are automatically sent for processing with their accompanying documentation in just one click.

Expense management as part of your FinTech stack

Integrate your ERP and payroll tools with your expense management for a seamless workflow. Exporting data to your ERP or payroll tool has never been this easy.

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Ready to make your expenses effortless?