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Process expenses automatically and immediately

Set your business rules and let our solution do the work of processing expenses for you.

Automate approvals & highlight discrepancies

Set spend limits and approval thresholds while automatically highlighting discrepancies and out of policy items.

Automatic, compliant mileages & per diems

Calculate mileages and per diems automatically. Add dates and destination, and let our calculation engine easily create your entries.

Power up your FinTech stack

Integrate your expense automation flow with your existing FinTech stack for further control and better insights on company spending.

The benefits of expense automation

Expense automation simplifies the entire process for you, from submission to booking.

  • Take a picture of your receipt and an expense is automatically created for you

  • Receipt images are automatically matched to corresponding card transactions

  • OCR & Human Data Enhancement extract, verify and validate the data

  • Approved and controlled expenses are immediately sent for payment and booked in your G/L

That's it!
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Flexible approval flows to suit you and your business

We offer a transparent, flexible travel request system to ensure compliance while automatically applying your company’s own rules, expense policies and approvals.

You maintain compliant approval flows in case of absence, as users can designate a deputy to fulfil their expense management tasks for them.

Administrators can also assign a deputy in case of a prolonged absence. All pending and future expenses are automatically rerouted to the appropriate person.

Expense automation works at all levels, simplifying the lives of every employee involved in the expense process.

These customers have automated their expense management

Ready to make your expenses effortless?