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Reliable Global Compliance without the added burden

Our dedicated compliance team monitors global and local markets daily so that you don’t have to.

Historical compliance

Our team protects your business from any sudden policy changes. And change history is maintained so that your expense entries are compliant, no matter how dated.

Continuous updates

Daily allowances, mileage and VAT rates as well as regulatory reporting requirements are continuously updated in our solution.

Safe & secure connections

Our solution is built to safely interconnect with your favourite tools via secure APIs.

We are ISAE 3402 Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified.

Globally compliant in 70+ countries

Our expense functions meet true global compliance requirements across 70+ countries.

This includes industry compliance for the likes of the medical sector Sunshine Acts, as well as local requirements such as SAF-T or the GoBD.

One app for all your compliance requirements

  • Create compliant mileages with our Google Maps integration by simply adding your start and end points

  • Daily allowances are automatically calculated based on dates and locations

  • VAT rates are maintained in the system for easy selection

  • Reporting requirements, where regulated, are also supported

In the spotlight

We cover the regulations for the following countries

  • AR Argentina Argentina
  • AU Australia Australia
  • AT Austria Austria
  • BE Belgium Belgium
  • BO Bolivia Bolivia
  • BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • BR Brazil Brazil
  • BG Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • CA Canada Canada
  • CL Chile Chile
  • CN China China
  • CO Colombia Colombia
  • CR Costa Rica Costa Rica
  • HR Croatia Hrvatska Croatia
  • CY Cyprus Cyprus
  • CZ Czech Republic Czechia
  • DK Denmark Denmark
  • EC Ecuador Ecuador
  • EG Egypt Egypt
  • EE Estonia Estonia
  • FI Finland Finland
  • FR France France
  • DE Germany Germany
  • GR Greece Greece
  • HU Hungary Hungary
  • IN India India
  • ID Indonesia Indonesia
  • IE Ireland Ireland
  • IL Isreal Israel
  • IT Italy Italy
  • JP Japan Japan
  • KE Kenia Kenya
  • KW Kuwait Kuwait
  • LV Latvia Latvia
  • LT Lithuania Lithuania
  • LU Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • MY Malaysia Malaysia
  • MT Malta Malta
  • MX Mexico Mexico
  • NL Netherlands Netherlands
  • NZ New Zealand Aotearoa New Zealand
  • NI Nicaragua Nicaragua
  • NG Nigeria Nigeria
  • MK North Macedonia North Macedonia
  • NO Norway Norway
  • PA Panama Panama
  • PE Peru Peru
  • PH Philippines Philippines
  • PL Poland Poland
  • PT Portugal Portugal
  • QA Qatar Qatar
  • RO Romania Romania
  • RU Russian Federation Russia
  • SA Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • RS Serbia Serbia
  • SG Singapore Singapore
  • SK Slovakia Slovak Republic
  • SI Slovenia Slovenia
  • ZA South Africa South Africa
  • KR Korea South South Korea
  • ES Spain Spain
  • SE Sweden Sweden
  • CH Switzerland Switzerland
  • TH Thailand Thailand
  • TR Turkey Turkey
  • AE United Arab Emirates UAE
  • US United States USA
  • UA Ukraine Ukraine
  • GB UKM United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • VE Venezuela Venezuela
  • VN Vietnam Vietnam

Don't see your country on our list?

Our compliance team can assemble the local compliance requirements for any country on request. Just reach out to us and we will ensure that your solution works for you, wherever you are.

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