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Accurate and automated to save you time

SpendController is Mobilexpense’s intuitive tool that automates expense control using OCR and Human Data Enhancement (HDE).


Automated review process

HDE leverages an automated human review process to allow for structured data encoding and high-fidelity control.

High data accuracy

Our trained reviewers check the data extracted by the OCR and input additional data if needed.

Automated control

SpendController compares the extracted receipt data with the manual entry, flagging discrepancies and automatically validating compliant items.

How it works

  1. Automated comparison

    SpendController compares the information entered manually by a user with the data extracted and digitised from the receipt or invoice by the combination of OCR and HDE.

  2. Improved accuracy

    This combined solution is more accurate than standard OCR, making for an improved user experience.

  3. Visual control

    The visual green light/red light solution gives controllers an immediate overview of the accuracy of the expense data and makes it easy to identify human error and attempted fraud.

  4. Reduced manual work

    Through the combination of SpendController and our sampling engine, only expense reports which present issues are flagged for manual approval.

By simplifying expense control and validation, SpendController lowers the operational cost of expense control by up to 90%.

Ready to make your expenses effortless?