• In today’s business, why is it so important to reduce travel & Entertainment (T&E) expenses?

Competition is getting harder and harder… Whatever the type of business you are in, whatever the size of your company, “Travel & Entertainment” expenses (transportation, lodging, meal, entertainment and any related expenditures incurred by employees) represent an important part of your operating costs. 

A traditional management of T&E expenses creates problems:

  • Time wasting at various levels: travellers, accounting, supervision and more.
  • Complex, heavy and often inefficient corporate procedures.
  • A risk of fraud and errors.
  • Lots of frustration!

We offer you control over expenses. With an easy and highly productive solution: a full-featured Web based application providing end-to-end automation of the expense management process from transaction data capture right through to bookkeeping. This will streamline your reimbursement processes, enforce policy compliancy and track overall spending for better expenditure analysis.

  • How can MobileXpense help me to reduce the Travel & Entertainment expenses?

We have four main ways to make your life easier:

1. Automation of the preparation, auditing and reimbursement processing of expense reports.
2. The development and enforcement of company policies. That means you can create clear policies and make sure that all employees concerned are aware of, understand and follow your rules.
3. The use of effective purchasing practices when reservations are made.
4. The use of comprehensive and efficient expense reporting to analyse actual costs and benchmarking employees and suppliers.

  • Why would the MobileXpense system be more efficient than the system we are using now?

If your company is still using manual, paper-based processes to manage Travel & Entertainment expenses, the MobileXpense system is going to bring you huge improvements. T&E expenses management traditionally represent a large proportion of your company running costs. For most companies it’s the third largest expense, only salaries and data processing rank higher. It’s very time consuming for many people: employees, accounting, supervisors and more. It can be a complex and inefficient corporate procedure. There is a high risk of fraud and mistakes and frustration!

MobileXpense is a world-class solution for all these issues, saving you time and money.

  • If we are a mid-size company (for example with only 50 travellers), isn’t MobileXpense more than we need?

MobileXpense is a usable, affordable and useful system for all company sizes:

  • The complexity of the accounting process is independent of the number of users. Whatever the size of your company, Travel & Entertainment expense is a complex process to manage. 
  • MobileXpense offers you a system that streamlines and automates every step of the process in line with your own corporate policy - from collecting transaction data from payment cards right through to the integration into your accounting system. Almost every manual data entry and all paperwork is eliminated. 
  • How available for access is MobileXpense?

You can access our system from anywhere in the world, at any time. All you need is an Internet connection. We monitor the system 24 hours a day and we guarantee you over 99% availability.

  • What kind of software, hardware is required for MobileXpense?

You can use the MobileXpense application without any software or hardware investment. It’s online. You only need an internet connection to use it.

  • How much do I have to invest in software and hardware to use?

All you need is an Internet connection and browser. MobileXpense works as a SaaS (Software as a service) so you don’t need to install anything.

  • In how many countries is the system used today?

More than 60 countries.

  • What happens if my company is located in a different country not yet covered by the current service?

MobileXpense is designed in such a way that it is easy to configure it for any national or company requirement.

  • In which languages is the MobileXpense system available?

Today MobileXpense is available in 30+ languages (Azerbaijan, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese).
Our standard languages are English, French, Dutch and German.

  • Does the system calculate foreign currencies?

MobileXpense manages all currencies. Exchange rates for more than 170 currencies are maintained on a daily basis.

  • Our compliance concept

At MobileXpense we made compliance our core business function.

All official rules by law will be maintained and updated automatically by MobileXpense as part of the service. Legal changes are monitored by our dedicated compliance team with partners and through subscription to specialized services. A continuous country review is performed for all countries where MobileXpense guarantees tax compliance. If there is a change MobileXpense makes sure that the system is changed accordingly.

  • How are rates and allowance rules defined?

Allowance rules and rates are defined at policy level. Rates can be defined per country (or even city). Rates have application dates. Rules can even calculate allowances for customers based on time, day of the week and other variables.

  • Does the system update allowance rates?

Legal allowance rates are maintained by MobileXpense as part of the service. Specific customer rates can be defined at policy level and can be updated by the company administrator.

  • VAT Management

The system can identify recoverable VAT for both local and foreign transactions. The system contains a database with VAT rates and recovery rules per country and nature of expenses:

  • Local VAT can be configured by category and applied automatically. When several rates can apply for the same nature of expense, the user is prompted to select the appropriate one.
  • For foreign VAT, MobileXpense maintains the cross border recovery rules so that transactions with potential recovery can be segregated for sending to a VAT agent (directly at the submission or at the receipt control or later).

For each category, an indicator specifies whether a receipt is required or not (e.g. no receipt for mileage or per diem allowances). We can also identify those transactions directly on the expense note and print a special voucher for those receipts that need to be sent to the VAT agent.

The receipt controller will check the presence and the validity (for VAT purpose) of the receipt in question. VAT is only calculated when a valid VAT receipt is delivered.

A standard report shows the potential reclaimable VAT of foreign countries. MobileXpense creates accounting records and automatically prepares files for VAT reclaim.

  • What does “healthcare compliant” mean?

The MobileXpense Healthcare Compliance Pack is specifically designed to cover the regulatory compliance needs of Life Sciences companies – irrespective of whether those companies operate in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology or diagnostic sectors.

The Healthcare Compliance Pack supports the accurate recording, control and reporting of all employee expenses arising from interactions with Healthcare Providers: in line with both the US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Sunshine Act) and all European regulations and industry codes of conduct. Upon request, the Pack can be updated to support healthcare compliance requirements in other geographies.

  • Will the Healthcare Compliance Pack be kept up to date with regulatory changes?

Yes. Compliance is built into our solution, through business rule driven exceptions flags and approval workflows. Our system configuration is continually updated and enhanced based on industry feedback and legal counsel provided by the Regulatory Law Group, PLLC.

As a MobileXpense customer, you will be regularly updated about any upcoming regulatory changes, and kept informed of how those changes will effect the configuration of the Healthcare Compliance Pack.

  • Does MobileXpense also provide and validate Healthcare Provider (HCP) data?

Yes. Using data from our partners, such as Medispend, the Healthcare Compliance Pack provides a searchable HCP database of over 5 million records.  It also provides real-time warnings when the HCP information entered does not match the master data held.

  • What if we already have an HCP data provider?

We are happy to integrate into the Healthcare Compliance system HCP data from your existing data sources, whether in-house or third party.

  • What kind of reports does the system provide?

There are more than 200 standard reports available. Also you can run, store and schedule your own queries. Typical queries relate to workflow performance, number of claims, items and timing of each step, including workflow status, financials (amount per category, country, cost centre, project), and policy (compliancy, reconciliation of accounts) and more.

  • Is there an ability for ad-hoc reports to be generated from the system?

A flexible reporting facility allows any user to run queries (with adequate filters and grouping), record them and schedule them. Users can report on their own expenses and on all users reporting to them. Company reporters and administrators can report on the whole company.

  • Does the system have user-generated reports?

A user-friendly dashboard gives a quick overview. Standard reports and ad hoc queries are available per category of users. It is also part of the service, to help the administrators develop their own report and even develop specific queries.

  • What’s the standard reporting style? 

We can provide a standard management overview via pie charts and bar charts. We can also schedule standard reports which are automatically sent in given time periods or if special events occur.

  • How configurable is the system to meet changes to customer policies?

The system is highly configurable. Layout of entry forms and expense notes can be configured to enter and/or display required information. Every single label can be adapted with a customer specific alias based on your specific terminology in your company. Several policies can be defined within a company with different control rules, different per diem or mileage allowance schemes and different workflows. Within each policy different rules can apply per category and per country.

  • Support for multiple Organizations modelling

The strength of the MobileXpense platform is the ability to configure multiple corporate entities with their own rules and interfaces and manage them all as a unified group allowing for workflows to involve employees from different entities and consolidated reporting.

The whole platform is multitenant with one single database for all the customers, allowing easily cross border approvals and consolidated reporting. It is possible to appoint approvers across different entities of a same company group.

One can create several policies within each entity and allocate users to any of the policies. There can be as many policies as required (e.g. for different divisions, seniority levels, expatriates or frequent travellers). Policy management is only authorized for company administrators.

  • Does MobileXpense use best practice rules of travel and expense management?

The corporate version is based on best practice rules in the sector.

  • How are these rules built up? On what basis are these rules made? What are best practices rules?

These best practices are based on numerous white papers which are the culmination of global research into successful systems and user requirements.  

  • Can we adapt these rules to our policy?

Yes, rules are adaptable to your company’s requirements.

  • Can I customize my own user interface in MobileXpense?

Yes, the system can be customized in a number of ways from the “look and feel” of your company (logo etc) as well as be integrated into your intranet. The system can be changed to make it feel a seamless part of your normal work environment.

  • Is it possible to implement the MobileXpense system while keeping our logo and design layout?

The system can be “customized” according to your own requirement.  We can set it up with your corporate label, colours, terms… and if you wish so, it can be integrated in your Intranet.

  • Is the system customizable to the companies communication and design guidelines?

A specific style sheet and associated logos can be defined for the customer.

  • Is it possible to assign travel expenses to different cost centres?

Yes, you can include multiple cost centres, projects and third party supplier projects.

  • Can we include regulations, workers council or labour agreements?

Yes, we can define very flexible rules which suit any company requirement.

  • Which kind of credit card can the MobileXpense application integrate?
    • ​MobileXpense integrates many cards types:
      • Corporate Credit cards
      • Company Accounts cards
      • Fuel cards
      • Lodge cards
      • P-card
    • In addition we can collect information from:
      • Mobile phone operators
      • Travel agents
      • Leasing companies
  • Travel Request

The full travel request workflow can be managed in MobileXpense. One or more forms can be configured to accommodate different types of requests and workflows can be defined at policy level (one can have several policies within each entity)

  • Integration with online booking tools

The strength of the MobileXpense Expense Management Saas Application is its ability to connect with ANY Online Booking Tool such as Amadeus AeTM, Cytric (iFAO), HRS.Com and MeetingSelect.

To offer a fully integrated solution from online booking until expense management, MobileXpense has already in place a partnership agreement with Amadeus for AeTM, iFAO HRS and MeetingSelect and is open to establish the necessary partnerships with other booking tools.

This offers the unique opportunity for our customers to select the most appropriate solution for each local market whilst harmonizing processes and standardizing business rules.

MobileXpense can send and receive expense data to enterprise operational systems. Its customizable interface allows easy integration with most HR/ERP/ applications Financial (e.g. SAP, J.D. Edwards, BAAN, Navision, etc.). 

MobileXpense automatically accepts master files containing account codes, projects, cost centres, fuel cards, exchange rates and many more to map to the multiple segments defined in your financial application. 

If a customer chose a customizable interface then MobileXpense delivers the accounting files in the desired format. The nature of the fields and the format of the files will be defined as part of the analysis. Input interface are simple text files or XML.

The general ledger and payroll output files are produced based on the customer specific calendar.

  • Can we access the system on a mobile device?

Yes, the system is available as an application for iPhone, Android and Windows phone users. It can be downloaded for free in the iTunes Store, the Android App store and the Windows Store.

  • Which functionalities does the mobile version have?

MobileXpense reciprocates todays rising growth of smartphones used by road warriors and travellers, by designing a dedicated mobile set of expense functionalities for smartphones.The mobile website covers two main domains taking benefit of the mobile device features (built-in camera and GPS localisation) as well as of the ubiquity of connections:

  • View ‘Pending expenses’
  • Enter Manually or automatically added by Credit Card data upload
  • Enter a new expense
  • Approval
  • Travel requests
  • Expense notes
  • Mileage entry
  • Attachment of photo receipts