Compliant Expense Digitisation Software for Spain

2 min read
Jul 11, 2021

The European Union’s eIDAS regulation of 2014 describes the proper usage of Trust Services such as the validation of electronic signatures, seals, and time stamps, ensuring they are legally equal to their paper-based counterparts.

Homologated software, such as Mobilexpense, is certified by the AEAT (Spanish public administration organisation) for invoices and receipts, allowing the users and companies to get rid of the paper originals.

What is compliant digitisation software?

In Spain, invoices and receipts processed digitally through a homologated application can be used exclusively and have the same legal validity as paper documents.

Mobilexpense customers in Spain are able to archive their expense receipts, invoices and reports digitally while remaining fully compliant with the tax authorities and VAT reclaim processes. Illegible paper receipts become a thing of the past!

Once our customers have implemented and integrated our off-the-shelf compliant solution, they can fully digitise receipts and invoices using our mobile app. This assures them of following a compliant process that is recognised by the relevant authorities for both accounting and VAT recovery.

For the accounting departments, this means that all the data is available in just a few clicks, and the images of the invoices or receipts are right there with the expense. They no longer have to sift through piles of paper to find a specific receipt: everything is easily searchable online (and findable!).

How is document integrity guaranteed?

Mobilexpense uses a certificate which proves to the Spanish authorities that the images taken from within the app and uploaded to the solution are the originals. This means that the images have not been altered in any way from the moment they were taken, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of the content. Paper documents digitised via our apps are thus considered to be legally identical to the paper originals.

With regards to electronic receipts or invoice, these are considered originals from an electronic source and require different validation which does not need to go through the mobile app.

Benefits of a compliant paperless expense process

A fully paperless process is very efficient: users quickly snap a photo of their receipt and submit it as proof of their expense.

Expenses are not forgotten, meaning G/L accounts are more accurate and up to date.

Users are happier because their expenses are processed faster.

Managers have a better view on their business unit spend and the finance department benefits from much better financial reporting.

In turn, company executives make strategic decisions based on facts, and not assumptions.

Not only is the quality and integrity of the accounting process enhanced, but processes surrounding VAT are simplified and streamlined. The guaranteed compliance of the Mobilexpense solution enables our customers to easily go paperless with any official VAT business, including VAT recovery.

And in difficult times, VAT recovery is an efficient way for companies to improve their profitability.