10 Smart Mobile Expense Features To Help Grow Your Business

3 min read
Dec 7, 2021

We at Mobilexpense are constantly dedicated to improving our solution to meet the unique needs of our customers. Here are ten exceptional features of Mobilexpense that can significantly enhance your expense management process, making it more efficient and time-saving.

1. Automated daily allowances

Daily allowances can be reported in the Mobilexpense app in a few simple steps: create a journey and select the days for which daily allowances (also known as per diems) apply.

Breakfast is included in your hotel stay? You are served lunch at your conference or have a separate dinner with a client? No problem! Once the daily allowances have been selected, they can easily be adapted to apply any required deductions. 

2. Flexible workflows

In large organisations, processes often get stranded in the workflow due to hierarchy. We have focused on developing a built-in workflow that matches any requirements.

For example, let’s assume that your workflow specifies that expenses over €500 require approval from an additional manager: you can easily set this up in Mobilexpense.

There are also other functions, such as sending a report to a specific approver depending on the project that the employee is working on. With Mobilexpense, all policies and processes can be mimicked and implemented easily, no matter how complex.

3. Automated expense control

Mobilexpense's automated expense control feature uses a combination of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI to screen expenses for automatic or manual control. By comparing manually entered data with the OCR-extracted data, it ensures high accuracy and improves the user experience. This solution simplifies expense control and validation, leading to a reduction in operational costs by up to 90%.

The expense control feature also works with a sampling engine which is a collection of rules that analyse expense reports and selects them for automated approval based on certain parameters. E.g. compliant expenses below a certain amount can always be validated automatically, rather than manually.

4. Global compliance

If your organisation is multi-national, either by virtue of operating in multiple countries or because it does business with organisations in other countries, you need an expense solution that can guarantee expense compliance. 

Global expense compliance should include at least the following: 

  • country-legal maximum tax-free mileage rates and per diem rates
  • applicable national VAT rates
  • tax reporting requirements
  • local regulations such as the GoBD in Germany

Ideally, it would also have: 

  • Sunshine Act compliance for the medical industry
  • SAF-T compliance
  • safety and security certifications such as ISAE 3402 Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS

5. Single Sign-On

Besides the conventional login option, users can access Mobilexpense from the company's corporate portal using their existing username and password. The process that enables this is Single Sign-On (SSO). It makes it easier for organisations to manage and reinforce security requirements on the one hand and for employees to remember their login information on the other.

Additionally, SSO provides improved transparency of which platforms are available to whom. It gives a simple, clear interface for identity management and permissions across all integrated systems.

6. A white label solution

Mobilexpense offers your company the option to tailor the mobile and web apps to your corporate image. This way, Mobilexpense becomes an integral part of the company as opposed to “just one more tool”.

7. Report history

Mobilexpense secures your data for at least 10 years. Not only bills and expenses, but a detailed history table shows all of the steps, approvals and changes made by each supervisor within the expense management system.

8. Export the data you need

Export formats can be individually specified and tailored to your accounting needs.

Our export generator tool lets you easily create your own custom reports. Simply name the column headers and select the data that should be pasted from Mobilexpense in each column of your export.

Drag and drop single columns to conveniently re-arrange the order if needed. Multiple file formats are supported.

9. Custom fields

Another feature which adapts to your organisation are custom fields: you can easily define specific fields for your own administration. For example, if employees are working from multiple locations, an additional field can be customised to specify the office they report to when adding an expense.

10. Smart Reports

The Smart Reports feature allows you to automatically create and associate reports, depending on defined conditions (such as a specific period or a project). This saves the employee the work of creating the correct report and selecting it manually. The biggest advantage is that the all departments involved in the process (e.g. office management, accounting, sales) have a clearer overview.

Another feature of the Smart Reports is the automatic submission of reports according to pre-set specifications (e.g. at a specific date). This minimises the occurrence of errors and reduces overhead when submitting an expense report.