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What we ask of you

As our customers, partners and suppliers, we hope for a certain alignment between our values and your own.

Respect the environment

We ask that you understand our commitment to the environment and ask, at a a minimum, that you comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations of the territories within which you operate. You do your best to minimize harmful environmental impacts and strive to improve your footprint. We welcome you sharing with us your own initiatives so that we can learn from each other and be better together. We do not condone activities such as illegal dumping, illegal logging or any other illegal activities which may be harmful to the environment.

Respect labor practices & human rights

We expect you to respect the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work as well as international law on human rights. You ensure that you are not participating in any abuses of human rights by championing the following (not limited to):

  • The abolition of child labor
  • The elimination of forced labor
  • The freedom of association
  • The elimination of workplace discrimination
  • Fair treatment of all
  • Compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to wages, benefits, working conditions and hours.

Business integrity

You are committed to working against all forms of corruption, extortion, money laundering, fraud and bribery. You have processes in place to ensure transparency and accountability. You comply with all competition laws and regulations.

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