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Our engagement to you as a supplier

These are the 5 pillars we do business by.

Transparent business

Business integrity is crucial to us and the key to our excellent relationships with our customers and partners. We ensure that all our actions reflect our integrity and will not act in a manner as to jeopardize it. We are fair and respectful to our customers and suppliers, and we are also committed to challenging them to improve their own practices whenever possible.


We respect the people and organizations we are in contact with, as well as our contracts and engagements. All individuals are welcomed and treated with respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation or any other categorisation. Inclusiveness and diversity are ingrained in our DNA.


We are honest in all our dealings with our customers. Our pricing is fair and transparent, and we communicate honestly on all our initiatives and suppliers or third-parties. We talk the talk and walk the walk: we do what we say we will, and we deliver what we have agreed to.


We are not perfect, but we are putting in the work. We select our suppliers based on objective criteria to find the one who we believe is best suited for the job. We proactively inform and will provide additional information as needed through our channels of open communication.

Health & Safety

We respect the rules and regulations set forth by the authorities regarding the health and safety of our employees and contractors, dealing with emergencies swiftly and appropriately, providing safe work spaces and putting our employees' health front and center. Our working conditions are regularly audited by accredited organizations and we provide top-notch health coverage for our employees. All contractors and sub-processors sign agreements attesting to their respect of these same rules.


We are committed to the environment and to society, aiming to always leave them in an improved state. We are transparent regarding the fact that we are only starting on our path to a greener future through tree-planting initiatives and carbon footprint measuring, reduction and offsetting. We are assessing our products to improve their sustainability and make them strong tools in our customers' own sustainability toolbox. We want to pave the way to greener expense management, involving our customers and discussing their expectations every step of the way as true stakeholders in this initiative.

We are taking steps towards global carbon neutrality by first measuring our carbon footprint and setting up a dedicated action plan. For more on this, please see our approach.

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