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CEO Message

"At Mobilexpense, we deliver smart expense management solutions that fit our customers' global needs and are easy to deploy and support as well as being user friendly.

We are one of the most ambitious SaaS companies in Europe today. With our unmatched expertise in compliance across borders, our laser focus on smart expense solutions and our proximity to our customers and partners, we place our customers at the heart of our business. Supported by our values and strong company strategy and objectives, we lead and inspire our people to achieve great things. Our company culture is behind our success, because our team cares.

As part of our journey, we are committed to developing a business that is responsible both towards the environment and society at large. This is critical in maintaining our strong relationships with customers and broader stakeholders. We believe it is important to give back to the community and act responsibly towards the environment, and we want to walk the talk.

We all know that fighting climate change is one of humanity’s biggest challenges today. Which is why we are setting up a corporate responsibility strategy to address our impact on climate change and reduce our carbon footprint right here and now, because we care. We want to be aware of our own climate impact and to be transparent with regards to our measurable efforts to act upon it. In doing so, our company will perform better and have a positive impact on the environment, on our financial marketing and on our HR-related aspects.

This charter is our first foray into putting on paper what we have been doing with regards to sustainability and the environment. It reflects our commitments and expectations as well as setting out our approach to sustainability. Over time, we aim to become even more transparent and to be able to measure and share our positive impacts.

We are deeply committed to continuously evolving our approach to responsible business and look forward to receiving your ongoing feedback and support."

Thibaud De Keyzer
Brussels, July 2022

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