Build your own business case

  • Key Cost Savings in your Business Case

    Save up to 65% on processing costs and up to 10% on T&E budgets!


    Decide on the opportunity

    Audit and diagnosis of existing opportunity rules

    Enforce trip budgeting & approval

    Volume of travels


    Decide on & respect policies and procedures

    Define rules and make sure they are respected and implemented

    Implement system policy enforcement

    Volume and Costs of travels


    Maximize sourcing

    Implement preferred suppliers in trip planning and expense control

    Identify volume and costs

    Unit costs


    Optimize the process and its administration

    Outsource manual handling when suitable

    Implement best practice processes

    Automate processes

    Management & Administration expenses

  • Ask for your personalised business case!

    This website showed you how MobileXpense saves you time and money.

    We can also help to create your business case by providing input and saving opportunities and formatting a presentation to your management.

    This is a personal proposal for you. We’ll go through the essential areas, and create with you a compelling case to convince your team and your management.

  • What MobileXpense offers

    Why will it benefit you?

    One global service provider for travel and expense management

    Decrease in travel expenses

    Transparency of travel spend

    Quick implementation and user friendly interface

    What do you need to do internally to manage it?

    Availability of internal resources to support the project

    Support from all the key stakeholders, management and C level.

    Cooperation from the entire team, start to end of the project

    What will it deliver you?

    A state of the art automated and effective travel and expense management system personalised to suit your company.

    Track, control and manage travel expenses.

    Automatic updates for legally compliant mileage, allowance rates, exchange rates, VAT.

    Establish and enforce clear company policies and optimize resources.

    Streamlined and easy to manage processes.

    Why is MobileXpense the right partner for you?

    Designed to be flexible and personalized.

    Fully compliant.

    Great reputation and reliable.

    Superb references from other companies like yours who use MobileXpense.