MXP by Mobilexpense: What's new March 2024

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πŸ’» Menu bar for web app

The menu bar just got a fresh new look! The improvements will make navigation simpler, enjoyable and accessible for all users. This revamp will roll out gradually throughout 2024, depending on an organisation's customisations, ensuring a seamless transition to this new look.

Navigating the new MXP navigation bar

Key improvements:

  • Consistency and Intuitive Design: This redesign ensures easier interactions with main menu items, offering bigger targets and optimal spacing for a smoother user experience.

  • Sleek UI Makeover: The navigation bar has undergone a visual makeover, with accessibility at its core. Now, users can effortlessly manage expenses with a sleek, modern interface that improves both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Adjusted font sizes, element sizes, colour contrasts, and spacings. Additionally, we've added keyboard commands to facilitate navigation. Every detail contributes to improved readability, making navigation a breeze for all users.

  • Deputy User Navigation: Finding deputy user features is now easier than ever! We've centralised the location of deputy user functionalities within the navigation bar, allowing users to effortlessly switch roles.

We heard you! Here are further navigation bar enhancements based on users' feedback:

  • consistent spacing and alignment,
  • optimised responsiveness to different browser window sizes,
  • added an arrow icon to the user dropdown menu for expandability indication and
  • included visual cues for unread messages in the MXP mailbox. 

We hope these improvements bring users an even more intuitive and seamless navigation experience, making their expense management much more pleasant.

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Mobile - SpendCatcher


πŸ“¬ OCR for SpendCatcher email

Innovation never stops! We want to further automate the expense creation flow, so logically we have included OCR (Optical character recognition) to SpendCatcher Email.

  • SpendCatcher Email: a customised email address where users can send their receipt to, and have their receipt automatically available on the app.

Users can now scan their forwarded receipts instead of manually creating the expense. This means lesser errors and more effortless expense creation. 

πŸ“‚ Invoice number input

We now allow users to input an invoice number when the selected attachment type is an invoice. What's more? You have the flexibility to make it mandatory or optional, suiting your organisations' specific needs.

  • Available on both web and mobile

Gain better visibility into your expenses with the inclusion of invoice numbers, which allows for easier tracking and reconciliation!

Product improvements

πŸ’° Deputy approver cannot approve their own expense

Compliance is important! Deputies will not be able to approve their own expenses in the case they act as deputies of their own approvers (e.g their superiors, CFO, HR etc.).

This helps to maintain integrity and transparency in the approval process, and ensure organisations are upholding compliance standards and best practices.

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Ecosystem and integrations

πŸ—’οΈ Ingestion of Delivery Notes: AMEX OneDDS and others

We’ve improved our parsing and ingestion capabilities for TMC's delivery notes, especially to support the latest delivery note format from American Express GBT: Amex OneDDS. These improvements provide better visibility into travel expenditures and ensure accurate data representation, empowering our clients to reconcile travel expenses, make informed decisions and optimise their expense management processes.


Ingested Amex OneDDS delivery note line in MXP

Key improvements:

  • Improved Ingestion Process: This process integrates data from AMEX GBT and CWT TMCs into MXP. This reduces manual intervention, enabling users and reconciliation offers to access up-to-date travel expenditure information effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Data Parsing: The algorithms will extract information more accurately from AMEX OneDDS DNs. This ensures consistency and reliability in the ingestion of data, including the travel date format.
  • Correct Amount Reflection: The Mobilexpense system will accurately reflect the amounts associated with AMEX OneDDS Delivery Notes. This ensures that financial data aligns with the original documentation, providing an accurate expense records.

Further improvements:

  • configuration changes to support reconciliation with Diners Invoices,
  • resolution of category mapping issues for AMEX OneDDS and
  • enhancement of the transaction details page to populate PNR and City fields from Delivery Notes data. 

πŸ’ͺ Egencia integration

We improved our Egencia integration to simplify the synchronisation and communication with Egencia. The updates include a more advanced User Sync API payload to ensure seamless transfers of rail preferences, and dynamic validation responses in the Validation SPI service, to provide better information disclosure when bookers are on the Egencia checkout page completing a booking.

What does this mean for users of Egencia? You can expect smoother workflows and fewer manual interventions! Employers will also have better visibility and can ensure compliance across your organisation's travel management processes.

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πŸ•°οΈ Report history

To foster transparency and accountability in any organisation, the β€˜Report History’ provides a chronological record of submission, approval, and control actions taken on reports. It details the date, time, and user responsible for each action, ultimately serving as an audit trail.

This will help users to remain compliant and maintain data integrity within the organisation!

report history

πŸ”¦ Data IDs

Zoom through records faster than ever before! The data catalog now includes database IDs used to identify transactions and customers conveniently within our UI. Users can instantly reference/retrieve these IDs, which facilitates data traceability and ensures accurate record-keeping.

πŸ”’ Info fields for all tables

No more stress when you need to find specific information like the organisational structure at the cost centre level or the details of employee profiles! Easily identify and filter data within reports by leveraging the numeric and character-based info fields.

Users can now dive into tailored reports and get information that is relevant to their company. Time to gain deeper insights and context, and make informed decisions.

✍️ Accounting rule GL accounts

With your feedback driving our improvements, we have now included local and foreign GL account details for custom categories in the data catalog.

Need to categorise expenses for a multinational project or reconcile accounts across different regions? No problem! Financial tracking, accurate categorisation, and comprehensive reporting within the system is now a breeze.

local foreign GL

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