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Minimise the maintenance of organisational & employee data by connecting your preferred HR & Payroll systems. Our supported integrations make data synchronisation carefree while ensuring that your expense management process is up to date.

Key features

  • Sync employee master data from worday
  • All cost centres and departments are mapped accordingly to ensure proper and hasslefree payroll and booking


Workday is an enterprise management cloud built for innovation. It helps companies around the globe to scale up their operations with ground breaking technology, far different from classic ERP systems. The dedicated interface from workday to Mobilexpense provides HR and employee data sharing, ensuring your data is up to date with minimum effort.

What are the benefits?

Maintenance of HR & Payroll data with third-party systems, if not integrated properly, can become a burden for your organization. Our dedicated API integration with workday will automatically synchronize employees with Mobilexpense. The interface keeps employee master data up to date, so you never have to worry about employee accounts again.

Ready to make your expenses effortless?