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VCK Travel

Plug & connect your preferred travel suppliers to experience the best-in-class travel & expense management in one integrated solution. From the travel booking process to profile synchronisation & invoice management, we have all your needs covered.
  • Category
  • Datatype
    • Travel request data
  • Flow
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Key features

  • Reinforce your travel request approval & travel policy management
  • Effortless control over travel expenditure and increased visibility


VCK Travel is a travel management company from The Netherlands focused on personal touch and customer-centricity to manage and organise your company's business travel.VCK Travel's infrastructure not only supports your travel process but also optimises your travel expenditure with one central account solution able to integrate with Mobilexpense.

What are the benefits?

Travel and expense management can be a simple and easy process by integrating Mobilexpense with your preferred travel management company.Thanks to our connections with VCK Travel, your company can optimise your travel booking process, while gaining visibility of your travel spending to maximise your corporate travel program.