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Plug & connect your preferred travel suppliers to experience the best-in-class travel & expense management in one integrated solution. From the travel booking process to profile synchronisation & invoice management, we have all your needs covered.
  • Category
  • Datatype
    • Booking data + Travel request data + Traveller profile sync + SSO
  • Flow
    • Input + output

Key features

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onesto is an Order Management System, an Internet Booking Engine (IBE), which connects organisations with their travel agencies and travel service providers such as airlines, rail, hotels, and car rental companies.Thanks to onesto's standard and uniform online booking infrastructure, companies benefit from a worldwide and in real time travel management reach, while offering integration capabilities with Mobilexpense to meet the individual and customised travel and expense management business needs.

What are the benefits?

Travel and expense management can be a simple and easy process by integrating your onesto online booking tool with Mobilexpense.Thanks to our integration with onesto, companies can minimise the operational costs of their T&E processes and automate tedious manual tasks.Our dedicated interfaces with onesto's web services will help you to streamline the booking flows, synchronise traveller and booking data and optimise your travel and expense process in Mobilexpense.