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Microsoft Dynamics

Automate & streamline your accounting & settlement processes by integrating with your preferred ERP & accounting systems. Our broad range of interfaces with the most known ERP & accounting systems will leverage your financial capabilities with our expense management expertise.

Key features

  • Mobile app to capture receipts, mileages & daily allowances
  • Set business rules & workflows to manage your expense processes
  • Relieve your IT & Finance teams with automated data exchange


To support organisations setting up expense management as an add-on to streamline their expense processes, we offer an API for bi-directional data-exchange with Microsoft Dynamics.

With this API, employee profiles are synchronised in real time with our solution and all approved expense reports are digitally booked and stored in Microsoft Dynamics.

What are the benefits?

Enhance your company's ERP ecosystem with the Mobilexpense and Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Our dedicated sFTP and API interfaces optimise your expense management process. This makes data synchronisation hassle-free and manual bookkeeping a problem of the past, all while boosting your business operations to the next level.