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Exact Online

Automate & streamline your accounting & settlement processes by integrating with your preferred ERP & accounting systems. Our broad range of interfaces with the most known ERP & accounting systems will leverage your financial capabilities with our expense management expertise.

Key features

  • Mobile app to capture receipts, mileages & daily allowances
  • Managers approve expenses on the go from their smartphone
  • Approved expense reports are booked automatically into Exact Online


Easily extend your Exact Online software with the best-in-class expense management application. Our mobile expense app relieves employees from the tedious process of managing business expenses with an Excel file.The Exact Online API integration assures you that all employee expense reports are digitally booked into your Exact administration as soon as they are approved: on the correct ledger, to the correct creditor, and with the PDF expense report as a digital attachment to the booking.

What are the benefits?

Expense management, if not digitalised, automated and centralised, can take a toll on your business' bottom line and employee experience.Thanks to the Mobilexpense and Exact Online API integration which can be set up in a few clicks, you can streamline your financial, controlling, and accounting processes, reduce operational costs and improve your business efficiency by ensuring the correct accounting booking at the right time.