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Blue dot

Put money back into your bottom line & unlock hidden savings with VAT reclaim. Thanks to the dedicated interfaces with our network of VAT recovery partners, you calculate & identify eligible VAT spend based on domestic & foreign regulations.

Key features

  • Automate & maximise your local & foreign VAT refund
  • Export your expense data & corresponding documents


VAT recovery now can be centralised, standardised, and digitalised, with Blue dot's tax compliance platform.Blue dot provides optimised VAT outcomes in full compliance with countries' tax regulations. Its automated AI and machine learning powered application ensures a compliant VAT posting and foreign VAT refund based on your travel expenses.

What are the benefits?

To recover VAT on travel and expenses, the documentation must be accurante and complete.With the Mobilexpense and Blue dot partnership, the VAT recovery process is pain-free, centralised, and digitalised, facilitating VAT reclaim on domestic and foreign travel expenses.