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American Express

Gain more visibility into your company's spending by integrating your American Express cards. Thanks to our interfaces with worldwide card providers, transactions incurred with corporate & lodge Amex cards are visible in our solution to spot hidden costs & take control of your employees' expenses.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art mobile app for users with spend notifications
  • Easily track Amex credit card spend in real time within Mobilexpense
  • Complete & accurate credit card statements, every time


Set up an automatic transaction delivery from Amex credit cards to Mobilexpense. Employees that use their Amex cards to pay for business expenses receive the transactions automatically in Mobilexpense. Most transaction data (e.g. date, amount, currency, etc.) is pre-filled for ease of use.

Employees can justify expenses by attaching the receipt of the Amex transaction in Mobilexpense. This data feed simplifies expense reporting and relieves Finance teams from chasing employees for missing receipts.

What are the benefits?

Amex customers can set up a transaction data feed into Mobilexpense using standardised Global Data Transfer forms filled and signed by the customer. The transactions are then exported into Mobilexpense and linked to the correct employee, owner of the credit card, for transparent spending tracking.