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Expense management for the life sciences industry

Mobilexpense helps companies in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical industries automate expense management, including Sunshine Act transparency requirements.

Collect HCP expense data

Our solution allows your users to simply snap a picture of their receipt to extract the expense data, then select the relevant HCP from an internal list or external database.

Verify data & its accuracy

Our OCR and AI powered data verification engine ensures that the data collected and entered is accurate, both for the expense and the HCP.

Report HCP spending

Our solution automatically creates a report for you to provide to the relevant authorities as part of your corporate compliance requirements.

Sunshine Acts for medical transparency

Medical transparency laws are often known as Sunshine Laws and include the Sunshine Act in the United States, Sunshine Rule in the UK and Loi Bertrand in France.

Mobilexpense makes it easy for companies in the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries to effortlessly track all transfers of value made to healthcare professionals (HCP) and organisations (HCO).

We make it easy for companies to ensure HCP compliance.

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Life science compliance made easy

Our HCP module allows employees of life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies to collect and report expense data in just a few taps, using a smartphone.

  • Take a picture of your receipt or proof of expense in one tap.
  • Our optical character recognition scanner extracts the expense information.
  • Add the event details immediately, so nothing is forgotten.
  • Easily add the HCP data to the expense, manually or from a database.
  • Receive a report with the required data as part of your corporate compliance requirements.

Connecting to a database such as Tucania, MediSpend, MedPro or IQVIA ensures that the HCP's details are automatically added.

Using Mobilexpense for life sciences expenses ensures HCP compliance and leaves no room for fraud or error.

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