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Ensure compliant tax reporting

Automatically capture and record the information to be shared with the tax authorities with our SAF-T module.

Automated data transfer

Mobilexpense integrates with your ERP, automatically feeding it the expense data.

Easy SAF-T compliance

The solution generates XML-formatted files that include the required SAF-T information and are compliant with the structure required by your local authorities.

Centralised operations

Our solution is globally compliant with the tax requirements of 70+ countries, making it easy for you to centralise operations from across multiple countries.

Streamline your reporting

With our SAF-T module, you benefit from:

  • Advanced file security

  • Simplified electronic tax data collection

  • Improved data quality and availability

  • Faster & more efficient tax auditing

  • Better tax compliance

  • Increased VAT recovery

We keep up to date with the growing list of countries implementing SAF-T reporting requirements in Europe, so you don’t have to.
See our SAF-T module in action

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