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Complete HCP functionality

We understand the complexities of reporting for global travel and expense costs in healthcare trades with regulations such as the Loi Bertrand and Sunshine Acts.

Spending compliance

As part of our healthcare professionals package, our medical transparency solution helps you report HCP spending simply and in a compliant manner.

Gain spending insights

Our automated solution for medical compliance provides you with insights for budgeting & strategic decision-making & a simplified process for your employees.

Eliminate errors & fraud

Our automated solution also helps eliminate both errors and fraud, thus reducing costs and improving productivity.

Simplify your reporting

Our solution for travel and expense management can be configured to meet all company compliance needs and official regulations, including medical reporting requirements.

  • Easily report HCP compliant spending by taking a picture or creating an expense

  • Add beneficiary details manually or from a company or online database

  • Your compliant report is ready to be shared with the authorities

The process is simple for employees and helps administrators properly track healthcare spending.

With automated expense management, you improve your HCP compliance and reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Ready to make your expenses effortless?