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Get more value from your data with Mobilexpense Insights

Gain strategic insights by taking a deep dive into spending categories, business units, payment methods or any other vertical to analyse your company spending.

Detect anomalies & excessive spend

Set expense thresholds and program your notifications to be alerted to spend anomalies and excess costs before they snowball.

Identify cost saving opportunities

With aggregated spend insights, you have all the cards in hand to negotiate the best deals and make the smartest decisions when it comes to your business.

Review & improve your spend policy

Use your data to take into account the behaviours of your workforce while ensuring your financial wellbeing.

Get into the details at line-item level

Controllers, supervisors and company reporters can view items at transaction line-item level, based on any vertical such as

  • Group
  • Company
  • Cost centre
  • Country
  • Category
  • Payment method and more.

Analyse your expense process – and improve it

See how long it takes for a report to go through the approval, control and payment process. Use this information to identify bottlenecks and apply process improvements.

Track delays and rejections per employee, cost centre, entity and even payment method to identify poor performers with a high number of issues and regular occurrences.

Collaborate on reports

Mobilexpense Insights offers users a single, collaborative workspace shared by the entire team. All users are able to view and work on the same reports, create and share dashboards or copy and edit them from each other.

With Insights, users are all on the same page and make better data-driven decisions, faster.

Be notified of anomalies and excess spending

Set up notifications to receive alerts when anomalous or excess spending is detected in the system – before it becomes a problem.

Take a deeper look at your data

Schedule an export of your reports and dashboards to different file types for further analysis or to share them with external parties:

  • Flat file (.csv)
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • PDF (for visuals)

Ready to make your expenses effortless?