Why Travel Managers Choose Mobilexpense

3 min read
Feb 1, 2020

Mobilexpense's employee expense management mobile app for traveling employees is a valuable tool for travel managers seeking to optimise the return on investment for business travel while closely monitoring costs.

This innovative mobile app seamlessly integrates with the needs of traveling employees, offering an automated solution that streamlines the expense management process and ultimately reduces travel expenses for the organization.

Discover the reasons why travel managers consistently choose Mobilexpense as their preferred solution for overcoming the challenges associated with travel expense management within their company.

1. Flexibility on the road with a mobile app

Travel Managers strive to provide flexibility for employees who are traveling for business purposes. No employee enjoys dealing with mountains of paperwork, which is why having a mobile app like the one offered by Mobilexpense is invaluable. This app allows employees to easily submit their expenses while on the go, allowing them to focus on the purpose of their business trip without the added stress of paperwork.

By utilising a mobile expense management app that incorporates OCR technology, you can eliminate the potential for human errors such as incorrect data entry or the loss of receipts. This ensures that all expenses are accurately recorded and accounted for, saving both time and money for the organization.

2. Unlimited access to the solution

Travel managers choose Mobilexpense for its accessibility and convenience. With the mobile app features and cloud-based database, employees can easily complete their travel expense tasks from their iOS or Android devices.

From accessing receipts and reports to submitting and reviewing expense reports, everything can be done conveniently from a smartphone. This seamless integration of technology simplifies the expense management process and allows employees to focus on the purpose of their business trip without the hassle of paperwork.

3. Secure storage of data and expenses

Traveling for business can already be a stressful experience, especially when regulations are constantly changing. The last thing your employees need is the added burden of paperwork and the risk of losing important receipts. That's why having a secure method of storing travel expense data is crucial.

With Mobilexpense's cloud-based mobile app, you have an easy-to-use solution that adapts to your storage needs, making data storage faster and more efficient. Say goodbye to the tedious process of submitting receipts and the fear of losing important information. Traveling employees can now focus on their business trip exclusively.

4. Real-time approvals and notifications

Streamlining the approval process for your employees' travel requests is crucial for enhancing efficiency and reducing costs within your company. With our innovative expense management app, you can automate these processes and proactively notify employees when their submitted receipts are not in compliance. By taking an active role in promoting expense policy awareness, you have the power to inspire positive changes in their behavior when it comes to business travel expenses.

5. Increased expense policy awareness

Travel managers face the ongoing challenge of promoting budget consciousness and expense policy awareness among employees, particularly when it comes to travel expenses. It is crucial for employees to understand what is considered compliant and what is not.

Fortunately, a mobile app provides the perfect solution to increase awareness and ensure travel policy compliance. By seamlessly integrating the travel policy into the app, it can easily flag any requests that do not meet the rules set by your company. This proactive approach empowers employees to make informed decisions and fosters a culture of responsible spending during business trips.

6. Global solution with local compliance

The Mobilexpense mobile app is a comprehensive global solution that caters to the needs of businesses operating in multiple countries. With its availability in over 30 languages and daily updates on exchange rates for more than 170 currencies, this app ensures compliance not only with internal rules but also with local regulations.

Over 80% of our valued customers have entities in various countries, making the Mobilexpense app the ideal choice for managing travel expenses across borders.

7. Integration with other software and partners

When it comes to efficient travel management, the integration of a mobile expense management solution with your preferred partners is absolutely crucial. Our valued customers have expressed their deep appreciation for the seamless integration capabilities of Mobilexpense, which allows them to effortlessly connect with their preferred travel agencies and other software systems such as ERPs, payroll, and HR solutions.

In addition, our team of expert consultants understands the daily challenges faced by travel managers and is fully prepared to assist you in overcoming them. With their extensive knowledge and experience in mobile travel expense solutions, they are dedicated to providing you with the necessary expertise to optimize your travel management processes.