Why Travel Managers Choose Mobilexpense

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Why Travel Managers choose Mobile Xpenses mobile app for expense management

The mobile app for employee expense management developed by mobilexpense helps travel managers like you increase the ROI of business travel and understand changes in the cost structure of your organisation. It presents as an integrated mobile app for travelling employees and an automated solution that helps the organisation reduce its travel costs. Discover the reasons why travel managers choose our solution to overcome the travel expense management challenges in their company.

1. Flexibility on the road

As a travel manager, you want to ensure flexibility for your employees travelling for business purposes. Your employees dislike paperwork as much as you do, so having a mobile app like the one provided by mobilexpense will help them correctly submit expenses on the go while focusing on the purpose of their business trip. Using a mobile expense management app for expense management with OCR technology, you will eliminate human errors such as incorrect data entry or receipt loss.

2. Unlimited access

Another reason why travel managers choose mobilexpense is because everyone can access it from an iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android device whenever, wherever. Thanks to the mobile app features combined with the cloud-based database, your employees can fulfil their travel expense related tasks. From accessing receipts or reports to submitting, verifying and publishing their own expense reports, it can all be done from a smartphone.

3. Secure data storage

Being away on a business trip can be overwhelming for some of your employees. Most of them will see paperwork as an extra stress factor, so they need to have a secure method of storing the travel expense related data that will eliminate the tiring receipt submission process and the risk of data loss. With the cloud-based mobile app from mobilexpense, you get a solution that is easy to operate and adapts to your storage needs, making data storage easier and faster.

4. Real-time approvals and notifications

Pre-approving your employees' travel requests or approving the requests received from your people on the road is essential for the efficiency and cost cutting efforts of your company. The app for expense management created by mobilexpense allows you to automate these processes and send notifications to your employees when the receipts that they are submitting are not compliant. This means that you play a proactive role in their "expense policy education" and you can trigger positive changes in their behaviour when it comes to business travel expenses.

5. Increased awareness

Travel managers everywhere struggle to increase budget spend awareness among employees. This means that the employees must know what is and is not compliant when it comes to travel expenses. A mobile app allows you to increase awareness and travel policy compliance by integrating the travel policy and flagging all the requests that are not acceptable according to the rules enforced by your company.

6. Global solution

The mobile app from mobilexpense is a global solution: it is available in over 30 languages, the exchange rates are updated daily for more that 170 currencies and it helps you remain compliant not only with the internal rules, but also with the local regulations. Over 80% of our customers have entities in multiple countries.

7. Integration with other software and partners

When it comes to travel management, integrating a mobile expense management solution with your preferred partners is essential. We know this from all our customers that really appreciate the fact that mobilexpense allows them to integrate with their preferred travel agencies and with other software such as ERPs, payroll or HR solutions.

Our consultants understand your daily challenges as a travel manager and are ready to help you overcome them all by offering their expertise in mobile travel expense solutions.

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Posted on 01 Jan 2021