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ITONICS Choose Declaree’s ISO-Compliant Expense Solution

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ITONICS is a global company active in innovation management that supports its customers in shaping their future. ITONICS delivers leading innovation management software for more transparency and growth. Intelligent software solutions go hand in hand with tailor-made consulting concepts and serve an international customer base.

ITONICS recently started using Declaree. We spoke to the office and account manager, Ms. Kuntzsch, about the Declaree implementation process, what benefits Declaree already offers the company and how the employees have been using the app.

  • Operates globally in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa with headquarters in Germany
  • 120 employees
  • Supports customers in future perspectives
  • International customer base
  • Established in numerous industries including automotive, banking & finance, engineering and energy

Pain points before implementing Declaree

Before the implementation of Declaree, the travel and expense management processes were carried out manually. Travelers and employees in Germany and at foreign bases filled out Excel spreadsheets and reports by hand, and submitted receipts weekly or monthly.

All receipts, payment transactions and expense reports had to be checked and approved individually. Although travellers based their claims on the current travel allowances of the BMF (German Ministry of Finance), statements and associated receipts were often submitted late or incomplete. This is a common occurrence often witnessed: tedious tasks such as expenses and one's annual tax return are very often dealt with at the last moment.

While communication between accounting and employees was not the issue, a mutually satisfying solution had to be found that could significantly simplify expense management and save time and effort for the company and employees alike.

Choosing Declaree

ITONICS was looking for a partner that matched the company's ISO certification. Some providers seemed promising, but didn’t meet the requirements or did not respond with the desired reliability. Finally, ITONICS chose Declaree. Declaree reacted quickly and comprehensively to ITONICS' wishes and requirements. Declaree also easily integrated with Oracle Netsuite, which was already in use at ITONICS as an ERP system.

Goal setting and decision-making process

The goal of implementing an expense and expense management solution was to simplify and speed up travel expense management and the associated reimbursement process. Invoices and receipts should be able to be submitted more quickly and no longer have to be checked individually. The time for the individual processes within the expense and expense management should be reduced using mobile scanning and data transfer in real time. Manual approvals, checks and refunds should become redundant thanks to the Travel Expense app's credit card integration.


According to Ms. Kuntzsch, the implementation went well. Some of the employees installed the travel expenses app on their mobile devices and as well using the Declaree web application. The feedback from employees has been consistently positive. The mobile scanning with the help of the Declaree real-time OCR recognition and the creation of the travel expense report in just a few clicks is now perceived as a significant workload saver.

The daily allowances at ITONICS also benefits from the implementation of Declaree. While it used to take up to two hours to manually check a travel expense report (including all queries and corrections), this process is now completed in just a few minutes. Questions to the employees and annoying reminders to meet deadlines are no longer necessary. The app is always up to date (daily allowances; international VAT) and works in accordance with the laws of the individual countries.

ITONICS and Declaree

Both local employees and international travellers use the Declaree travel expenses app. Traveling employees benefit above all from the possibility of mobile scanning and submitting their travel expense reports in just a few clicks. Local employees experience work that is made easier thanks to the credit card function included in the app, which simplifies international payments enormously. Tedious paperwork or the late submission of often faded or crumpled receipts is now a thing of the past - across teams.

Benefits - Together on the way to success

Declaree supports ITONICS with the travel expenses app at all entities around the world. Both sides hope for a trusting and long-term cooperation. ITONICS can always rely on an up-to-date and legally compliant app that observes international laws and tax regulations. Declaree is proud to have found a valuable partner in ITONICS, with whom we look forward to a bright and successful future.

And last but not least, Declaree strongly identifies with ITONICS' mantra: "Empower everybody to innovate".

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Posted on 03 May 2023

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