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Taxback Inter­na­ti­o­nal

Put money back into your bottom line & unlock hidden savings with VAT reclaim. Thanks to the dedicated interfaces with our network of VAT recovery partners, you calculate & identify eligible VAT spend based on domestic & foreign regulations.
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Belangijkste features

  • Automate & maximise your domestic & foreign VAT refund
  • Calculate potential VAT recovery with our off-the-shelf reporting capabilities
  • Export expense data & corresponding evidence via our sFTP interface


Don't be overwhelmed by VAT filing and returns!Taxback International offers automation and simplification of VAT compliance for global organisations that struggle to manage different entities and tax offices.Thanks to Taxback International's automated, end-to-end VAT fulfilment platform with built-in regulated cross-border payments capability, you gain global visibility, centralised control and ensure on time VAT refunds.

Waarom dit gebruiken?

To recover VAT on travel and expenses, the documentation must be accurate and complete.Thanks to the Mobilexpense and Taxback International partnership, the VAT recovery process is streamlined, automated, and digitalised, facilitating global VAT reclaim while guaranteeing compliant on-time VAT returns and filings.