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Managing paper and electronic documents from several sources can be a challenging task, especially with the rise in cybersecurity threats. A document management system not only reduces your paperload, it's also a powerful, time-saving tool that helps you streamline workflows and scale business-critical processes.
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Belangijkste features

  • Audit-proof storage of processed expense documents & all other documents that must be stored
  • Documents can be saved contextually - all documents related to a travel can be found in one place
  • Intelligent assignment of reports & receipts in one or more digital files such as personnel files or invoice files
  • Subsequent processes with document transfer to d.velop documents can be set up flexibly


Say goodbye to manual filing, managing physical documents, and unstructured file folders. Say hello to d.velop Documents, your new efficient digital document management system (EDMS).Once upon a time, paper documents would arrive by post and then be sorted into various physical folders and filing systems. Now this process is completely automated – and digital – from scanning all the way through to archiving. Users can access and edit all the information they need via a central document management system (DMS). Create, edit, and share whatever you need – such as invoices, delivery notes, or emails.

Waarom dit gebruiken?

Scan your receipts using our app, and automatically receive them in d.velops' document management solution. Thanks to a fully digitized process and storage, both tax authorities and employers are able to access every receipt at all times.